Top Posts Of The Week

Sting Op Of 10 Different Computer Repair Companies Finds 70% Don’t Know What They’re Doing“One guy tells them they need to send their computer to a special dust-free room to retrieve the data, which would cost about $2,000. He even copies pictures from the customer’s hard drive to his computer, promising he’ll delete them later.”

Family Says Bank Of America Refuses to Cash Bond Worth $30,000
“My parents saved for their retirement and now, when my mother needs the money, the Bank denies they owe her a dime. They hold her accountable for their poor record keeping and use that as an excuse to take her money.”

AT&T Refuses To Provide Unlock Codes, Feel Free To Complain To The FCC
“I am requesting that AT&T be required to supply and provide unlock codes for all phones that they sell [including my iPhone.”

Apple Store Says You “Must” Have Dropped Your Laptop – No I Didn’t – Yes You Did – No I Didn’t – Please Leave The Store
“Well, when it went back and forth for a while of “You dropped it” and “No I didn’t!”, I finally asked, well, are you calling me a liar? He comes out with another one of his “I can’t comment on that.””

Man Builds Secret Apartment At Mall, Gets Away With It For Four Years
“Thank you mall… In the future I hope to share some of my experiences and observations with a wider audience and can only say that living in the mall is great.”