Holiday Airfare Prices Needn't Drain Holiday Cheer

It may not cost as much to to fly to family and friends for the holidays as much as some doom and gloomers might have you think. Airfarewatchdog sniffed around and turned up itineraries no more pricier than they would be any other time of the year:

New York/Paris Thanksgiving $602 : Miami to San Francisco, Thanksgiving $395 : Los Angeles/Honolulu Christmas $337 : Newark to Honolulu, Christmas $682 : Detroit to Miami, Christmas $164 : Atlanta to Las Vegas, Christmas $198

These are roundtrip, with taxes, and non-stop or with one connection. Airfarewatchdog doesn’t directly link to the fares for some reason, probably so people don’t get disappointed if the fares change, but we guess the point is to dig deep and not get discouraged, non-insane prices can be had. What’s your favorite tool for finding good deals on airfare?

Who says peak holiday travel is expensive? But you’d better book now [Airfare Watchdog]
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  1. Jon Parker says:

    No more pricier? Ahem.

  2. Sidecutter says:

    “It may not cost as much to to fly to family and friends for the holidays as much as some”?


    “itineraries no more pricer”

    Seriously, even MS Word would flag these as grammatical failures. Maybe a proofreader is in order on staff?

  3. crnk says:

    mmmmm flying on thanksgiving…..when 90% of the people out there don’t even know what a plane is or that they now use security screenings at the airport.

  4. maddypilar says:

    I use Right now I’m waiting for a NY to LA fare to come down for Christmas. It’s been inching down. Next week I think I’ll have to buy.

  5. jamar0303 says:

    So where the heck do I start looking for fares to the US from China?

  6. cmac says:

    My flight home for Christmas was about $150 more this year and way more inconvenient than in than any year past. And I used Kayak. My “normal” direct flight home was $1000 (yes $1000) more than last year. They’ve also raised in-cabin pet fees. Horrible!

  7. axiomatic says:

    Yeah! Draining Holiday Cheer is the TSA’s job!

  8. Leah says:

    My mom used to buy my ticket home for Christmas. She miraculously found a ticket for $320 to fly from Detroit -> Seattle right around Christmas. The key, it seems, is being able to book far in advance so that you have time to search for some specials.