Personal Finance Roundup

High income, low net worth could doom retirement [Bankrate] “We’ve always referred to it in our practice as the 105 percent rule. If they’re making $100,000, they spend $105,000. If they’re making $200,000, they’re spending $210,000.”

The Two Best Green Funds [Kiplinger] “Looking to profit from the environmental revolution? Here are two funds in which you won’t have to choose between investing in a principle and making money.”

How to Choose an IRA Custodian [Yahoo Finance] “Here are four tips on how to make a smart choice about which IRA custodian to go with.”

A Guide to Recouping Costs for Lost Baggage [Smart Money] “Savvy travelers can get more compensation for a bag gone astray. Here’s how.”

(Photo: Ben Popken)


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  1. cde says:

    Been a while since it’s been Caturday on Consumerist.

  2. STrRedWolf says:

    Ben, your cat’s badly posed! Get the furball’s face in the pic! :D

  3. wezelboy says:

    Thanks for that IRA Custodian article Ben.

    Going back to the article’s source ( I was able to find out some valuable info about self-directed IRAs.

    Very very interesting stuff.