JetBlue Buys You Pizza While You're Fogged In At Portland International Airport

Reader Karolyn was fogged in at Portland International Airport last night. She writes:

Hey. Flying to JFK from Portland tonight. The flight keeps getting pushed back and the flight tracker on the website is getting updated before the gate agents are. It’s so foggy that it’s difficult to see the ground below the terminal windows, so the situation is obviously out of the agents’ hands. To compensate, they’ve set out several pizzas and bottled water for the waiting passengers. People seem pretty stoked. Might this be a new addition to their customer bill of rights?

Hey, that’s nice! Good job, JetBlue.

We asked JetBlue if they really do order pizza and their spokesperson, Sebastian, responded: “You know, JetBlue has been doing pizza ordering since we started seven years ago — people seem to love it!”

Sebastian explains that JetBlue in an “innovator” in the airline pizza ordering sector:

“In fact, it seems as though our innovative approach to taking care of our customers on delayed flights has influenced other airlines. We’ve heard reports that other airlines have started serving pizza to their customers when delayed due to weather. Good for them – and great for the airline customer.”

We had no idea.

(Photo:Thanks, Karolyn!)

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