Walmart Will Not Price Match Other Walmarts

Walmart will price match any store…except other Walmarts or From KJRH:

A Wal-Mart corporate spokesperson confirms Wal-Mart stores do not have to match their other store’s prices or the prices on Wal-Mart will, however, match the price of any local competitor’s printed advertisement for an identical product.

A lot of stores don’t price match their websites, so that’s not really news. We’re not sure when or why you’d need to have one Walmart price match another, but whatever.

Time to get your Wite-Out ready. They’re having a sale at __*Mart. Oh, shut up. It might work.

A price-matching issue caught the attention of a viewer who wanted us to check it out [KJRH via FARK]
(Photo:Clean Wal-mart)

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