Verizon Can Charge You$175 If They Cancel Your Service "For Good Cause"

Verizon can charge you $175 if they decide they feel like canceling your cellphone contract before the term is over.

We’re all very familiar with the idea that a consumer has to pay an early termination fee if they drop service before their contract is over, but this clause comes as somewhat of a surprise: “An early termination fee will apply…if we terminate [your service] early for good cause.”

Love how the syntactical sentence construction helps obfuscate its meaning. Good cause? What’s that? No doubt we’ll soon be contacted by a Verizon PR drone who will inform us that this only means if you’re using your cellphone to sell ak-47s to street gangs. “Good cause” seems overly broad. Who knows what they’ll interpret it as?

(Thanks to Dan!)