Pep Boys Apologizes For Bilking Customer Over Tire Warranty Replacement

After sending a complaint via Executive Email Carpet Bomb, Arnie says the Pep Boys Vice President of Service called him and has apologized and refunded all his monies.

Arnie writes:

He refunded me the cost of the new tire and the alignment I had never authorized. He admitted that they did not handle the road hazard warranty correctly and said that he had already sent someone over to the store to do further training with the employees on how to handle road hazard warranties. He also called me again the next day to make sure that everything went ok when I went to the store to obtain the refund money. Wonderful handling of the complaint, I was very impressed!

Congrats, Arnie! Consumer escalation action, for the win! Good job, Pep Boys, for swiftly acting to amicably resolve the situation in a satisfactory manner.

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  1. motoraway says:

    It’s reading stories like this, that I would actually consider a purchase from them. However, being Canadian, not likely going to happen.

  2. joeblevins says:

    Why would you consider a purchase? He had to email bomb them to get any service. You shouldnt’ have to go through that.

  3. Murph1908 says:

    So, he refunded you the money you shouldn’t have had to pay in the first place.

    And you had to go through great lengths for them to do that.

    Too little, too late.

  4. motoraway says:

    To me, it sounds like a rogue store trying to pull the wool over his eyes. You can’t blame the service of one store on the whole chain.

  5. ViperBorg says:

    @motoraway: The hell I can’t.

  6. numindast says:

    Pep Boys ought to send people to retrain the staff of their Elson Ave. store in Chicago. I bought new tires there in February; a few days later, getting on the highway for the first time since the new tires were installed, my car was shuddering. I went back; the clerk said I obviously needed an alignment. I disagreed, saying the problem started with the new tires. I asked for the wheels to be rebalanced. They refused, and insisted I buy a realignment. So I did.

    A few days later, I’m back on the highway, shuddering persists. I go back, tell them “okay, I paid for the alignment, that didn’t work, how about rebalancing the tires now?” Nope, they made me wait and re-did the alignment. Which, you guessed it, did not solve the problem.

    I went back to complain. The manager insisted there was something wrong with my car. I agreed, saying it was the tires! No, they wanted to charge me to look at the car, again, but could not guess what the problem is.

    I took the car to a different garage and paid them $40 to rebalance all four wheels. The mechanic showed me the computer readout. All four tires were off balance by at least an ounce, which is far out of whack.

    Please, Pep Boys, go teach your Chicago store how to take care of customers.

    Needless to say, I will never have Pep Boys work on my car again.

  7. SVreader says:

    So is it Arnie and not Amie? I’m glad this got taken care of and hopefully will be prevented in the future. I have a few trusted “car places,” but if I have to take mine somewhere else, I’ll definitely be ware of unauthorized charges.

  8. joeblevins says:

    MOTORAWAY – Unless they fire the managers at that store, then no, this isn’t just a rogue store. They are just responding directly to an email bomb, not correcting service everywhere. Are they refunding money to EVERYONE that has fallen into this trap? NO, just the dude that bitched in the right way.

  9. protest says:

    the only thing i will ever purchase from pep boys is their super cheap tires, which are perfect for my super cheap car (and damn good in the snow i might add). but i never have them actually put them on my car, most small garages will charge less anyway. and if you do ever HAVE to have them mess with your wheels, invest in a torque wrench and tighten those lug nuts yourself.

  10. joeblevins says:

    You can buy a sub-$30 DC Impact Wrench and spend a little bit on jack stands and a bottle jack. Rotate your tires yourself.

  11. protest says:

    and just for the record, NTB is not a good alternative to Pep Boys. My mother took her car there for tire work and oil change, and the “mechanic” actually put on the oil filter wrong and all the oil leaked out of her system within a week. when confronted they blamed it on a faulty oil filter seal, which is a big steamy load of bs.

    i like JOEBLEVINS approach, DIY.

  12. infinitysnake says:

    Pep Boys robbed me once, too. I had a bad water pump, and they charged me an extra hundred in the replacement to remove a simple plastic cowling. In the end, they patched the leak and told me they replaced the pump, even though the “new pump” was covered with as mjuch corrosion and rust as the “old” pump…as well as the magic marker I’d put on it. Nowadays, I don’t think I’d get a repair over $200 without a video camera in the car.

  13. stevekal says:

    training agenda:

    1. tell stores to stop stealing from customers
    2. see 1

  14. JayXJ says:

    I HATE when something comes up with my baby that has to be trusted to someone else. Anytime you are not dealing with a mechanic you are familar with/trust pop the hood and double check the work.
    You do not have to be a ASE certified tech to see dripping oil, disconnected wires, or the origional part still in place. Just get serviced at the Quick Change place? Squat and look under the car. The most common mistake is not tightening the oil filter or the drain plug. Both conditions are readily apparent. I saved myself from having to get a new engine that way one afternoon (Wal-Mart TLE). I’ve also seen a Jiffy Lube tech forget the hose clamps on an upper radiator hose.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I just observed a poor single woman who was being taken advantage of at local pep boys. She told me her car was still as bad as it was when she had it towed to Pep Boys. I told her to go back into the sotre and I wnet in with her. I immediately took the managers picture with an iPhone added the GPS location and started a post with information regarding their actions.

    This of course upset the service manager immediately. When he finished with his current customer he wanted to know if he should start another ticket for this womans car tomorow.

    I told him no that the woan deserved a full $200 refund because I could prove they were incompetent.
    The woman had a blown head gasket with all its symptoms which any idiot should be able to instantly recognize much less a trained mechanic. They told her she overfilled the crankcase with oil so they charged her $180+ to do basically an oil change!

    I told them nothing other than a full refund would be acceptable and that I had issues with Pep Boys to begin with.
    I was ready and willing to see she got full justice and if needed I would not accept anything less.

    I had already plotted some of the steps of using the power of the INTERNET get her justice.

    He quickly acknowledged she should have a refund and that was it. He called a controller and asked for permission to make a full refund on a ticket and got it.

    I made arrangements to have her car removed from their lot and tomorrow I will help her locate a proper mechanic who can solve her problem without exhausting her resources.

    So I want to complain about Pep Boys but in this case I can not complain, they were quick to act when called upon by someone other than an inexperienced woman.

    Bottom line use caution in dealing with Pep Boys, but that is true of all in the auto industry these days.