Pep Boys Apologizes For Bilking Customer Over Tire Warranty Replacement

After sending a complaint via Executive Email Carpet Bomb, Arnie says the Pep Boys Vice President of Service called him and has apologized and refunded all his monies.

Arnie writes:

He refunded me the cost of the new tire and the alignment I had never authorized. He admitted that they did not handle the road hazard warranty correctly and said that he had already sent someone over to the store to do further training with the employees on how to handle road hazard warranties. He also called me again the next day to make sure that everything went ok when I went to the store to obtain the refund money. Wonderful handling of the complaint, I was very impressed!

Congrats, Arnie! Consumer escalation action, for the win! Good job, Pep Boys, for swiftly acting to amicably resolve the situation in a satisfactory manner.

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