Walmart Begins Holiday Toy Price War In October

It’s October, the new official start to the holiday shopping season. At least according to Walmart. They’re already discounting toys.

According to the Wall Street Journal, this is the earliest holiday price chop for Walmart. Last year the announcement came in mid-October. The year before that, early November.

“We’re starting early and aggressively with unbeatable prices on the items we know are on [childrens’] lists,” Wal-Mart’s chief toy officer Laura Phillips, said in a statement.

The 4th quarter represents 80% of toy sales, so with all the bad publicity and the credit crunch, retailers are concerned that this holiday season might suck.

Wal-Mart chops toy prices extra early [CNNMoney]
Wal-Mart Cuts Toy Prices In Early Start to Holiday Push[WSJ]


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  1. Jeff_McAwesome says:

    I was at Target yesterday and they already had all of the Christmas lights on the shelves. Right next to the Halloween candy and decorations.

  2. mopar_man says:

    YES! Discounted lead toys! I can’t wait!

  3. mopar_man says:

    I should add that the local K-Mart has had some Christmas decor out for a couple weeks already.

  4. zuvembi says:


    I was at Target yesterday and they already had all of the Christmas lights on the shelves. Right next to the Halloween candy and decorations.

    I often wish there was some sort of law that prohibited Christmas displays or sales before Thanksgiving. Perhaps with lenient penalties of the offenders being covered with honey and then tied over bullet ant hills.

  5. Zombietime says:

    Our toys now with 10% less lead!

  6. amoeba says:

    I was at my local Smith’s (kroger’s mid-west) three weeks ago, and they were putting out the xmas lights. So, usually at my local stores they have Halloween/Xmas stuff. I don’t shop at wal-mart (medicine only) and I care less about their toys, I don’t have children. Probably I will get a lead discounted toy for my only nephew.

  7. DadCooks says:

    Costco has them all beat. Costco has Christmas cards and decorations starting the last week of August. Toys appeared the first week of September. The “display” grows weekly. All the good stuff will be gone before October.

    I remember, when I was a kid, looking forward to the day after Thanksgiving and going to downtown Chicago to see the Christmas decorations and toys–which did not appear until that day, and Santa didn’t arrive until then either. Lunch with Santa at Marshal Field’s was the absolute highlight of the day!

    Bah Humbug–Christmas is no fun anymore, even the religious reason for the season seems to have been taken away from us -sigh-.

  8. Parting says:

    I got a Christmas catalog in JULY from Yves Rocher beauty products :)

  9. hoo_foot says:

    I became very depressed on Saturday when I walked into a nearby Lowes and was inundated with Christmas decorations. And just today, a radio station in my area switched to a 24/7 Christmas music format.

    Why do people insist on dragging out the holiday season into a three month marathon?

  10. Maulleigh says:

    I don’t mind holiday displays before the holiday itself, but once it’s over, I never want to see that sh*t. As soon as Christmas is over, get it out of the display windows!!

  11. aikoto says:

    Lol @ pic.

    I saw those eyes and though, “Hey buddy! Help a poor monster out?”

  12. Flackette Goes Retro says:

    And this is why I’m knitting socks and hats as gifts this year.