4 Awesomest AT&T Cellphone Contract Clauses

Mouseprint scanned through AT&T’s cellphone contract and found some very interesting clauses and restrictions:

4. AT&T can cancel your contract if you roam over 40%.
Lesson: cancel without early termination fee by calling outside your coverage area a bunch.

3. If the phone you’re calling rings for over 30 seconds, it’ll cost you minutes.
Lesson: Hang up and call back after 29 seconds of continuous ringing.

2. AT&T cam disconnect your service if it finds out you’re using your cellphone as a modem.
Lesson: Don’t call up asking for technical support for playing counterstrike over your cellphone.

1. AT&T can disconnect or throttle your service if it feels you’re taking their “unlimited” data plan too literally.
Lesson: See above.

Hit the link to see the legalese verbatim.

AT&T Wireless: Surprise Terms & Conditions [Mouseprint]
(Photo: jhderojas)

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