Hey Comcast, Cubs Fans Want TBS In HD. Right Now.

Comcast will add TBS HD to their line-up in Boston Tuesday, a day before Major League Baseball’s playoffs start, but Chicago isn’t getting the same treatment according to reader Daniel.

He seems very distraught:

As you know, the Cubs are in the playoffs. The National League playoff series will be shown ONLY on TBS. Comcast does not carry TBS HD! Are Comcast viewers in Chicago going to get Cubs in HD? Comcast in Boston just added TBS HD for playoffs. What about Chicago?????? Is this what we are paying for? No Cubs in HD????

I can’t get satellite due to living in an apartment. Help us Consumerist!


Watch out, Comcast. Angry Cubs fans will join the Phillies fans and start pelting deep dish pizza and Italian beef sandwiches at you. Hatred of Comcast brings everyone together.

(Photo:Meghann Marco)


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  1. rbb says:

    Maybe if the Cubs had won a World Series in the last 98 years, they’d get some respect…

  2. Buran says:

    Hey, send that pizza my way.

  3. Warbrain says:

    Simple answer…

    It’s the Cubs. They will most likely be swept so it doesn’t warrant carrying the HD signal. Also, the whole “98-years of suck” doesn’t help, either.

  4. venterminator says:

    98 years of suck? Like any storied franchise, they have good and bad seasons. The Cubs are a national draw with a nation-wide fanbase. They routinely draw huge television numbers which is why MLB and networks are elated when they field good teams. I guess teams that haven’t won ANY world series should just be contracted since they suck so bad? And all the non-playoff teams should jump off a cliff since gulp, the Cubs of all teams are in the playoffs? But this is just another example of alienating passionate fans. The games should be in HD if they are being made available in other markets that way.

  5. rmeehan17 says:

    98 years of suck? how many years of suck did boston have before they won a world series a couple years ago? and have they won one since?

  6. rbb says:


    Well, let’s see. Boston has a 6-4 record for the World Series it has played in. Chicago has a 2-8.

    Chicago last series was in 1945. Since then, Boston has made appearances in 46, 67, 75, 86, and won in 04.

    So, in terms of 98 years of suck, Boston only had to endure 86. But, to put it in terms a Cubs fan can understand, to equal the current Cubs “98 years of suck,” the Red Sox would have to miss or lose the World Series every year from now until 2102. But, at that point they will be nowhere near the Cubs record of “194 years of suck.” ;^)

  7. Anonymous says:

    DirecTV added TBS HD last week when they added 20 new HD channels. Looks like Comcast is trying to keep up. Be warned, most programming on TBS HD is not true HD, except for baseball.

  8. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    Not only won’t there be any HD, but Comcrap is raising its rates in the Chicago area from $3 to $6 a month on Nov. 1.

  9. LTS! says:

    Wow $6 for cable? That’s pretty good.

    Just because you live in an apartment does not necessarily mean you can’t get satellite… look into it. It does however make it more difficult.

    HD adoption for cable systems usually vary by market, it’s strange, but we have the same problem in Rochester. The Buffalo Sabres home games will be broadcast in HD in Buffalo by Time Warner. However, in Rochester (home of the owner, the farm team and a mere 60 miles or less away) we are not yet slated to get the HD games, and Time Warner cable provides cable here.

    Welcome to getting screwed.

  10. Smashville says:

    A Cubs fan who argues that they haven’t sucked for 98 years is not a
    Cubs fan. Simple as that. They’re the kind of person that calls them
    the “Cubbies” and wears a pink jersey to the game.

  11. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    You aren’t a real fan because you say you’re a “Cubs fan”.

    This “Cubs fan” garbage started a few years ago, I guess some idiot from the Trib Co. demanded it & all the TV & radio fools have fallen in line.

    The real fans, like me, who lives north off Clark St are still “Cub fans”!

    And of course it’s an increase of $3 – $6 a month above their already outrageously high rates.

  12. swalve says:

    I believe that I’ve heard that the games will be on a local over the air station. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but that’s usually how it works. TBS does the nation-wide broadcast, but a local station does the local one.

  13. Pizza Club says:

    Meghann Marco, I was in love with you before I found out you were a Cubs fan.

    If you would like to change this, I will gladly take you out to a Sox game next season. ;)

  14. anatak says:

    “Are Comcast viewers in Chicago going to get Cubs in HD?”

    Why? So you can watch them blow it all in crystal-clear HD quality?

  15. EricaKane says:

    TBS will not be giving the feed to a local station. It is exclusive

  16. Murph1908 says:

    Go Cubs!

    From Murph1908

    Oh, just to point it out, I have been to Cub games in Atlanta, Florida, DC, Philly, NY, Arizona, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Cincy, and probably a couple I have forgotten…and in every one of these ‘away’ games (except for maybe St. Louis), the Cub fans nearly if not actually outnumbered the home fans. We had to leave in the 8th once in DC. We heard the roar of the crowd from outside. Normally, you’d think that was a big Nationals play…nope.

  17. Meg Marco says:

    @Pizza_Club: But, but, but… I love the White Sox, too! I demand that you continue to love me.

  18. majortom1981 says:

    Cablevision just added tbs hd here on long islandl.

  19. Cowboys_fan says:

    Hey Cubs fans, when have you ever got what you demanded!?
    It’s all about the billy goat!

  20. sachmet says:

    According to a rep I just spoke with at Comcast, Chicago will be getting TBS HD on Thursday at the latest on channel 219.

    Supposedly, they’re trying to get it on air by Wednesday, but no guarantees are being made.

  21. beccamanns_theotherwhitemeat says:

    apparantly “dan” = steve bartman

  22. vladthepaler says:

    Why can’t these people watch their game on TBS without HD?