Executive Email Carpet Bomb Scores Direct Hit On Time Warner

Reader Clayton launched the feared Executive Email Carpet Bomb against Time Warner executives after learning that the cable installation he scheduled for this week would not occur until November. Within an hour of launching the EECB, Clayton received a call from Time Warner promising to reschedule his installation for this weekend. Clayton’s EECB:


My name is Clayton. I recently bought a new condo and was excited to finally subscribe to TW cable and internet after I spoke to your customer service representative last Monday, 9/24.

Before I ordered cable and internet I asked the representative if they would be able to install my service this coming weekend. I was told that the usual wait was only 3 days, so it will be no problem. Keeping this in mind I ordered a package.

When everything was finished and it came time to schedule the installation, I was told that she was mistaken, and the earliest date they could install would be the following Monday, October 1st. Needless to say, this didn’t make me very happy, and the representative offered to submit a request to be given an installation slot this weekend should there be a cancellation or new spaces opened up. I was told I would receive a phone call the following day to find out if this is possible.

When I didn’t get the call, I called back this morning. The representative I spoke to, who refused to give me their name, informed me that I had been scheduled an installation date of November 3rd, a full month later! She told me that this is the usual wait for installation, I could not be given an earlier date, and there was nothing she could do. She refused to let me speak to anyone else regarding the matter, and even invited me to cancel my installation and order service from an alternative provider should the installation date not suit my needs.

Needless to say, I am surprised and disappointed by the way I feel I was tricked into ordering service. I have not cancelled my installation yet, but I did contact Dish Network, who assured me they could install service this weekend.

I would like to give TW cable the chance to earn my business. I am asking that I be scheduled for an installation date for this weekend, or in the event that is impossible, the following weekend, October 6th or 7th.

Thank you for your time,


The mighty Executive Email Carpet Bomb has an unrivaled ability to summon common sense to any situation. Clayton’s email had all the necessary components: he clearly stated the problem, exhausted normal channels, and politely intoned that he was ready to sign up with a competitor. Learn how to craft your own EECB by reading How To Launch An Executive Email Carpet Bomb.
(Photo: skidrd)

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