Trove Offers To Pay Medical Bills After Their Wine Triggers Acid Reflux

We approach wine in a bag in a box with great caution. So does reader Karl, who only purchased a box of 2005 Trove Chardonnay from his local Kroger supermarket after reading uniformly positive reviews. The wine was so acidic that it triggered acid reflux that sent Karl running to his local doctor.

Bringing it home, the first glass had a bunch of sediment, and the wine was VERY acidic — my girlfriend didn’t drink any of it because it burnt her throat. I, on the other hand, needing a good drink and possessing the intestinal fortitude of a bull, drank a few glasses.

The next day, I took myself off to the doctor’s office. My acid reflux was so bad that I needed to seek medical attention.

Since I’d read such good reviews, I was amazed to find this bad of a product. I filled out an online form on their website explaining the problem. The next day, a woman from Trove contacted me and offered to send me a check for the amount I’d paid for the wine, a prepaid shipping box to send them the bad wine in, and if I needed to I could file a claim for the doctor’s visit. Since the latter didn’t cost me anything, that wasn’t a problem … but I sure do appreciate that the company took time to give individual attention!

Though Trove’s unexpected offer to pay Karl’s medical bills is impressive, we are still going to limit our consumption of wine in a bag in a box to art gallery openings.

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