The University Of Iowa Removes Athletes From Credit Card Promotions

This University of Iowa credit card scandal is getting more interesting every day. Today’s development: The University has “backed away” from allowing athletes to be used in the U of I alumni association credit card program.

We just can’t get enough of this story. From the Des Moines Register:

Gary Barta, U of I athletic director, has decided to remove any mention of athletes from reward programs’ literature and said the university would not make athletes available as part of the program.

Barta reached his decision after Des Moines Register reporters raised questions about whether using student-athletes in those programs might violate NCAA rules restricting the use of athletes to market commercial products.

“It was not our intention to let student-athletes be used in this program,” Barta said.

The athletic department receives $200,000 annually from the alumni association for the program.

The University of Iowa’s program included offering access to special events and facilities to Bank of America’s biggest credit card spenders.

U of I severs athletes’ ties to credit card promotion [Des Moines Register]
(Photo:University of Iowa)

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