Pay attention: it’s costing you more and more to bounce a check. [Bankrate]


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  1. Cowboys_fan says:

    My bank charges $30…Good thing I don’t bounce checks.

  2. mikecolione says:

    I wrote a check and had a lil more than needed to cash it. My fiance took my debit card to a few stores to get stuff for the kids and used it not knowing i wrote a check…

    well the bank cashed the check first, and hit me with overdraft fees for 4 transactions all less than 10 dollars each.. and… they wouldn’t credit any of them.

  3. krom says:

    Why do we allow banks to charge so many bullshit fees? Why is it even legal to do so? It doesn’t cost $35 to deny a charge or refuse a check.

    I remember my Chinese college calculus instructor who, after showing us the calculus formula for interest over time, proceeded to ask us why when he put money in a U.S. bank, he had *less* money months later.

    Do low Fed rates actually encourage banks to push these sorts of fees in order to make up for their lower loan returns?

  4. asplodzor says:

    Haha, I’m currently wrestling with Key Bank over a $0.23 overdraft that’s plunged my account down to $335 in the red.

    Credit Unions, here I come!