Google Says It's Looking Into New Privacy Technologies

Google is looking into new ways to protect the privacy of its huge number of users, says their chief legal officer. These include “crumbled cookies,” which spread a user’s information out so that it’s not connected to a single piece of code, and providing better information on the source of each ad that’s served.

Google is defending itself this week in Washington for setting its sights on DoubleClick, the online “advertising tools supplier” worth $3.1 billion. Critics and competitors charge that Google is gaining too much power over the online advertising space, which is at least part of the reason behind the announcement.

In Canada, Google is considering blurring faces and license plates in its “Street View” images to comply with privacy laws there.

“Google looking at privacy protections for users” [Reuters]
(Photo: Extra Ketchup)


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  1. emona says:

    The Consumerist is making me hungry today. Apple, greens, crumbled cookies. Mmmm.

  2. magic8ball says:

    Speaking of … a Google van with a camera thingy on it drove through our neighborhood yesterday. We weren’t so much concerned about privacy as we were sad that we didn’t have time to run outside and make faces at them.

  3. jeff303 says:

    Offhand I can’t imagine how these “crumbled cookies” could work, given they would still all have to be “” domain cookies. If you could illegitimately grab the cookies for that domain you will get them all… Anyone have more information (search yields nothing)?

  4. KEHT says:

    @magic8ball: Are u trying to tell us that u were not inclined to expose your privates to the “camera thingy” or at the very least moon it? That’s the best way to show that u don’t care about privacy. :)