Walmart Adds More Drugs To The $4 Program, You Can Now Control Your Fungus For Cheap

The New York Times is reporting that Walmart has decided to expand their $4 generic drug program. The program will now include generics of “widely used heart medication Coreg and the anti-fungal drug Lamisil.”

We’re glad. Controlling fungus should be affordable enough for everyone. Lamisil used to cost $337.

Also getting a price chop: a fertility drug and two forms of birth control, a move that the NYT says is meant to lure young women into the store. You can now pick up your reproduction related drugs for $9 a month. Other big box stores have similar programs if you’re not into Walmart. Kmart has a $15 (for a 90 day supply) program. Meijer offers free antibiotics.

The only drawback to Walmart’s cheap generics? Controlling your deep urges to buy Walmart’s other products. Huge jar of Vlasic pickles… your siren song is impossible to resist.

Wal-Mart Adds Drugs to $4 Program [NYT]
(Photo:Ms. Jessica)

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