Man Fixes Unfixable FiOs Account Error By Playing Dumb

Last time we heard from Dan, Verizon wouldn’t give him his FiOs account number and kept charging his credit card that he told them not to charge. Now, through a mix of social engineering and knowing some tricks with the Verizon online account system, he was able to get all his problems solved. He tells us how, inside…

I called verizon’s website tech support line and pretended I was a moron who couldn’t figure out how to create a new account or form coherent thoughts. I didn’t record this phone call, but it went something like this:

CSR: How can I help you today?
Me: Um…need to make an account.
CSR: Ok, what’s your account number?
Me: Um…dunno. I have my address.
CSR: What about your phone number?
Me: No phone…just tv.
CSR: Ok…why don’t you give me your address.
Me: (supplies address)
CSR: What username would you like?
Me: You pick the username and password and just tell me what they are.

*CSR works for about 15 minutes, and rattles off my new credentials*
*I thank the CSR for her hard work, and we hang up*

Now since I’m also a Verizon wireless customer, I know that they allow you to create new “secondary” user accounts that have access to all your accounts on their website. I also know that you can make a secondary account the primary account. So I logged in using the credentials she gave me, created a secondary account with my desired username, password, email, and secret question, made that the primary account, and deleted the account that she made for me. Now I actually have access to my account online! By the way, all four account numbers I was given by verizon customer service were wrong. I can’t find them anywhere on my PDF bills or on the website. Looks like they were just trying to get rid of me.

So let that be a lesson to all you consumers out there. If a well-reasoned, rational, intelligent conversation is getting you nowhere, call back and pretend to be a moron.

Now that’s true QAM.

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