Consumer Group Finds Lead In More Children's Toys

Extremely high levels of lead were found in a Go Diego Go backpack, a Superfly monkey and a pair of Circo Lulu boots, the Center for Health, Environment and Justice (a group dedicated to ridding the world of PVC) reported in a new study released yesterday. In all, 11 items they tested contained lead levels and/or heavy metals well over the safety standard, 10 of which contained PVC, or vinyl. The backpack had levels of 4,600 parts per million. The CPSC standard is 600 parts per million.

550,000 More Chinese Toys Recalled for Lead [NYT]


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  1. Hawkins says:

    So why do we have to find this out from some pinko-sounding “Center for Health, Environment and Justice,” rather than from our Comsumer Produce Safety Commission?

    As this fine blog has pointed out repeatedly, the Bush administration has worked tirelessly to gut the CPSC, going so far as to attempt to install the chief lobbyist for the manufacturers as the head of the CSPC.

    Call your Congresscritter now, and demand that they fund the CSPC (and the FDA) adequately.

  2. DarthSensei says:

    Isn’t this getting just a bit ridiculous?

  3. mookiemookie says:

    Nooo, not my Woot monkey!

  4. blue_duck says:

    @DarthSensei: Why are you asking this just now?

  5. blue_duck says:

    I must admit though, that it is sad that children will have to do without their Superfly monkeys for a while…

  6. teamodell says:

    Yeah. Just great. That backpack? Might be the one my three-year-old uses. But the article isn’t specific (for those of you who live in a three-year-old free home, there are several different Go Diego Go backpacks out there), so I don’t know how much I should be freaking out right now. The backpack’s going in the trash, it’s just a matter of whether or not I should be testing my kid for lead exposure.


  7. vesuviusathome says:

    Does anyone know which boots had the lead? My daughter has been wearing a pair of Circo boots from target all week long, they’re pink with a cat face on them. Her birthday is next week and I’m afraid to buy her any gifts.

  8. 6502programmer says:

    @teamodell: I hear ya on that. I tried to find out more, as my kid has a Diego backpack he trots around as his diaper bag. I couldn’t even find mention of it on their site. It wasn’t until I went googling that I found a link to a flicker photo with some crap that tested too high on lead:


    The backpack on the site was one my son cried and cried over at Target. It was $15, and me being cheap, didn’t want to buy it. When I saw a different backpack for $7 at TJ Maxx (heh.. lead toys AND data disclosure–One stop shopping FTW!), I picked it up for him.

  9. consumer_999 says:

    Meh. Dungeons and Dragons. Lead figures. I grew up, along with everyone else in my dork squadron, practically bathed in lead. Lead figures held in the teeth (sometimes you need both hands to roll the dice and hold your pencil or dorky character sheet), breaking weapons of and gluin’ em back on, melting ’em down to make “the blob” monsters (ooh scary), etc. And that goes without mentioning the chipping lead paint on the house. And hey I’m okay.


  10. teamodell says:

    @6502programmer: OHMIGOD. That’s it. Thanks for the photo.

    So how do I sue China, again?