Portion Control And Snack Replacements Pervade Annual Candy Trade Show

Green tea Hershey’s Kisses, diabetic-friendly sprays that taste like ice cream, chewy Lemonheads and Atomic Fireballs: the candy industry’s All Candy Expo was held in Chicago earlier this month, and over 2,000 new products were revealed, many of which reflect consumers’ current fondness for low-calorie snacks, portion control, and energy-boosting products.

Many gums, for example, are now being positioned as “snack replacements” with grown-up flavors like “mint mojito” or “colada,” or come with added benefits like teeth whitener. But the future of snack sales lies in portion control, apparently, with companies like Mars launching entire lines of its existing snack products in smaller, healthier (by comparison) packs that are 150 calories or less. The CEO of Necco tells MarketWatch, “You end up with about three pieces of candy, but people really like it.”

“Can’t eat candy? Think of gum as a ‘sweet treat'” [Market Watch]

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  1. Dervish says:

    Chewy lemonheads? Welp, so much for my fillings.

  2. Falconfire says:

    green tea hershey kisses sound good. Too bad I wont buy a thing from that company again based on their attempt to change the definition of chocolate for more profit. [consumerist.com]


    I think the concept of portion control is great; those little 100 calorie bags of junk food do curb overeating. However, I refuse to pay more for less. Companies are loving that they can get away with charging more.

    Also, has anyone noticed that you can rarely find plain ol’ 6-ring packs of soda cans anymore? The regular 12 oz. ones? Whenever I go to the supermarket, all they have are the baby sized ones – for the same price as the full sized! Wah

  4. typetive says:

    Blythedesign – the funny thing is that the candy companies have been making these “portion control” packages for YEARS. They’re called snack packs. They sell 8 smaller candy bars (between 60-110 calories each) in a tray for about a buck. (They’re marketed for school lunches for the most part.)

    Now they’re coming out “100 Calorie Packs” that sell for TWICE the price but are exactly 100 calories, as if that’s a magic number or something. (I put a photo of it in the Consumerist Flickr Pool.)


  5. goodguy812 says:

    necco’s are super nasty! i think you have to be like 60 before you can enjoy those. lol!

    jolly rancher candies are my fave. i’m not much of a chewy of crunchy kinda guy. butterscotch discs rule!

  6. junkmail says:

    @goodguy812: BLASPHEMER!!

  7. SpaceCat85 says:

    I’m in my 20s and like Necco wafers (not the “chocolate” ones), but then again I also get Clove gum when I can find it ;)

    I’ll probably try out some of those green tea Kisses when they come out.

  8. karmaghost says:

    Although some candy doesn’t lend itself well to the concept of portion control (like large candy bars that are difficult to rewrap), it’s funny that candy companies are charged with handling the problem of consumers eating too much junk rather than consumers taking over the job themselves. If it seems like too much junk, it probably is, so eat less. Don’t blame it on someone else if you can’t control your eating habits.