How To Apologize

Some companies just don’t know how to say they’re sorry when they flub up customer service. Since we know many of them read our blog, here’s a primer from wikiHow on how to go about your next mea culpa.

6. Ask if they will give you a chance to make up for what you did wrong. Insist on proving to them that you have learned from your mistake, and that you will take action to change and grow as a result, if they will let you. Make a clear request for forgiveness and wait for their answer. This gives the injured party the well deserved “power” in determining the outcome of the situation.”

This, of course, assumes you’re interested in keeping them as a customer. If your industry thrives on churn, we guess you’ll just have to hope the customer doesn’t know about making it more expensive for you to ignore their complaint than to fix it.

How to Apologize [wikiHow]
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