Accidental Deaths On The Rise: Poisoning Deaths Increasing Quickly

People! You are accidentally poisoning yourselves! What the hell? Stop it.

According to Consumer Reports, the second highest cause of accidental death is poisoning, and its the fastest growing, too. After car accidents, you’re more likely to accidentally poison yourself than anything else.

Uncool. Also of note: Deaths from accidental falls rank third and choking and drowning are fifth. In some states fire is number 5, so please check your smoke detectors.

Accidents also accounted for more than 24 million nonfatal injuries in 2005. The economic cost of all fatal and nonfatal injuries amounted to $625.5 billion nationally, or $5,500 per household. “Our research shows that when it comes to safety, most Americans are more concerned about being the victim of a random act of violence than they are about being seriously injured in an accident,” said [National Safety Council] President and CEO Alan McMillan. “The reality is that while we are at greater risk of experiencing an accidental injury, we have greater control over managing those risks.”

Be careful! Read the label. Get some Mr. Yuk stickers! Mr. Yuk rules.

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