With "Free Pita" Promise, Citi Lures Students Off-Campus To Skirt On-Campus Solicitation Ban

How does Citi get around Syracuse University’s ban against turning college kids into debt sharecroppers? Simple. Pass out flyers saying, “free pitas,” given away at a location just outside the campus boundaries…

Then when the kids go off-campus to redeem their pita, they’re told they have to fill out a form allowing a credit card application to be mailed to them, which also got around the school’s prohibition against gift-giving in exchange for apps.

You might chalk this up to “rogue marketers,” except that Ohio just sued Citi marketers for their “free burrito” event. A tasty pattern begins to emerge.

Free pitas come with a catch [Daily Orange] (Thanks to Jodi!)
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(Photo: Morton Fox)

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