Dell Sends You Halo 3 Slightly Early

Reader pr0zac would like the world to know that Dell sent him Halo 3 slightly early. He’d like to thank Dell (and DHL) and apologize to everyone who has to wait, um, a couple hours.

Is breaking street date good customer service? Well, probably not, but Mr. pr0zac sure is happy about Dell’s prompt shipping.





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  1. Buran says:

    Uh… isn’t it a GOOD thing when you get something you ordered earlier than you expected rather than later? It’s not an “oops”, it’s “doing a better-than-expected job”. If I get something that had an ETA of Wednesday on Monday instead, I’m not going to say “oops”, I’m going to say “Thank you, you did a good job!”.

    Not entirely sure what the problem is here.

  2. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    There can be a problem if it’s a package that you don’t want left on your door step & you’ve been told it will arrive on a specific date.
    Especially if it’s an expensive item & UPS doesn’t require a signature or the driver fakes one, as other threads on Consumerist have written about.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Um, this isn’t a complaint.

  4. Ben Popken says:

    @Ben Popken: (to Buran, et. al.)

  5. jip100 says:

    Umm, me and a large amount of people in the UK already have are copies ^_^

    Will upload pics soon

  6. saintjohnson says:

    The problem is that MS has stated that any XB360 found to have played H3 b4 the street release date will be banned from XB Live for life.

    But word on the street is that this ban was only for Microsoft employees…

    So… GAME ON!

  7. Cowboys_fan says:

    Well there’s no point in buying it now, knowing this guy will always be 3 levels ahead of us!

  8. Buran says:

    @Greasy Thumb Guzik: This is true, although I imagine you can then file a claim for lost package since you never signed for the package when you were required to.

  9. Buran says:

    @Ben Popken: It does say “whoops” though.

  10. Raziel66 says:


    Don’t follow the news? They aren’t banning anybody who gets a retail version. The only people that got banned were the asshats that stole the beta test from Bungie and Microsoft employees. Microsoft is not banning anyone at this point.

  11. goodguy812 says:

    xbox 360 sucks! i’m glad i didn’t buy one. especially after 2 of my friends (the only 2 that i know who have 360) have already had to send it back under the recall. one friend has had to do it twice and is still waiting to get his back.

  12. Ben Popken says:

    @Buran: And the post itself says, “thank,” “happy,” and “prompt shipping.”

  13. ptrix says:

    @Buran: Not all “Whoops” incidents are necessarily negative ones. There can be very good “Whoops” as well… one of them being the “Whoops” described above :)

  14. gonknoggin says:

    Here in Germany some retailer started to sell the game as early as last Saturday. My Legendary Edition has arrived early Saturday morning…so much for release dates.

  15. enm4r says:

    Breaking street dates are fine and well for consumers at first, but the companies then get hit with fines, prices undoubtedly go up, and then the consumer pays more.

    As a selfish individual I’d always want the street date broken in my favor, but as a “consumerist” I don’t think it’s that hard to wait the extra day.

  16. liquisoft says:

    Oh no what a horrible story!

  17. wring says:

    tsk they dont have the same clout as JK Rowling.

  18. vecha says:

    my 360 blew up just this past weekend…no halo 3 for me…sucks. I hope MS can ship me the console early…also awaiting my hdd replacement from Western Digital…external hdd fried…hope they send it soon too…has taken them a month…God i’m so unlucky with these

  19. milty45654 says:

    Yay, more of the same guns, vehicles, aliens and sticky bombs…..woohooo…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….this game will be just like Halo 2 more of the same crap from the previous version…a snoozer at best…except to the loyal halo fanboys who can’t muster enough intelligence to try something else for once.

  20. Rondogg says:

    Cortana is a FOX in this game.

  21. jhofker says:

    @saintjohnson: Of course, even that has been taken back. There are three articles in a row on Kotaku discussing the rumors of said bans, then how it’s just MS employees, and then how it’s no one. Official word is that no one will be banned for playing early.

  22. vecha says:


    Don’t be too mean…just because someone likes something and you don’t doesn’t make them retarded…just makes them different.

    You can enjoy your games and they can enjoy their games and I can enjoy all games. lol

  23. javajoe96 says:

    @goodguy812: you know if you are going to piss on something, you could at least have your facts straight. There was no recall, it is called extended warranty. Recalls involve everyone returning their system, usually because of a safety problem.

  24. vecha says:


    i’m writing a paper on why it should be recalled…

  25. javajoe96 says:

    @milty45654: why do you even bother to post if you are not going to add something intelligent to the conversation. You can not call something a “snoozer” that will out sell any game you like. So go join your fellow “I hate Halo 3” club and you can bitch to each other that people love a game and you do not.

  26. vecha says:


    Or he can play the game and enjoy it for what it is…

    I hate elitist like Milty…

  27. javajoe96 says:

    @vecha: oh yeah. that is cool. What are you using a justification that it should be recalled?

  28. Buran says:

    @Ben Popken: But why is it in the “whoops” section?

  29. vecha says:


    Mainly the “supposed” failure rates from different retailers. The fact that the ‘falcon’ chip will be released later this year…but no one will be able to buy it since microsoft is waiting till all the ‘non-falcons’ are flushed out.

    I don’t think the console is bad…I felt the same way about the ps2…it should have been recalled as well. A consumer shouldn’t have to “open the tray and realign the laser” after paying hundred of dollars on the system.

    I don’t think they will recall the system…I just know that i’ll probably go through 10 360s just like i went through 10 ps2s last gen…

  30. vecha says:


    They accidently did a good thing?

  31. CerberusXTX says:

    Well, I got mine on Saturday, from the local mom and pop game store, I think they wanted to stick it to Wal-Mart. However I beat it on saturday nite, and now I’m kinda wishing I had waited….

  32. Buran says:

    @ptrix: That makes sense I suppose.

  33. vecha says:


    Was it better then 2?

  34. CerberusXTX says:

    @saintjohnson: Well my account and three friends are fine, and we all played H3 online….

  35. CerberusXTX says:

    @vecha: I was actually kinda dissapointed, both by graphics, and story, In my humble opinion, Halo 2 was BETTER, but thats just me…

  36. vecha says:


    wow really? I was kinda dissapointed int it..

  37. CerberusXTX says:

    Well keep in mind this is a game with two prequals, they are bound to run out of Ideas, I just expected better in the graphics department, but halo was never about graphics, I was however incredibly annoyed by the lack of creativity, I wont ruin it for anyone, but you will find a certian part of the game more than familiar…..

  38. javajoe96 says:

    @vecha: The thing is you are going to get a company to recall something unless their safety issues at hand. Just a because a product breaks does not mean it should be recalled. It is bull that is works this way but that is the truth. MS did extend the warranty to cover any system that shall fail. And they are being repaired with the corrections they made to the manufacturing issues to correct this from happening again. I had a launch console which crapped out but ever since they replaced it. It has been smooth sailing.

  39. mrdelayer says:

    There is no visible proof of Halo 3 being on that Dell packing slip. My guess is this is some kid who works at a GameStop and who just bought a Dell PC or something who decided to take a picture of his Dell packing slip with one of the copies of Halo 3 his store has or something.

    Either way, I call bullshit.

  40. rikkus256 says:

    Isn’t it against the manufacturer’s policy to release the item before the official release date?

  41. vecha says:


    “And they are being repaired with the corrections they made to the manufacturing issues to correct this from happening again. I had a launch console which crapped out but ever since they replaced it. It has been smooth sailing.”

    I and SEVERAL others disagree. If they are making the ‘correction’ why has my console, also a launch console, broke down again? If sony was making the corrections…why did my ps2 break down countless times as well?

    One person, you, does not matter in the big picture of things. Just because yours broke down only once doesn’t mean others aren’t. and you never know…yours might break down again. Not trying to be mean but its the truth.

    “does not mean it should be recalled” Why not? Because I’m not dying? I’m paying hundred of dollars on an item…but just because its not hurting me physically(only financially) means it shouldn’t be recalled?

    Can’t agree there man.

    Also for the heads up…this is

  42. I’ve known people who’ve had it for the past week (advantage of being a video game journalist and having retail contacts). I don’t get what the notability of this news article is. That’s just me personally.

  43. 0starter0 says:

    What? So when I got my gift card online and they said it would take 5-10 business days, and it took 2, should I be “damn it, I hadn’t planned to have it this early!!!”?

  44. vecha says:


    Sorry…cut off…

    This is just a paper for my english 102 paper..just playing devils advocate…



    Yes…according to everyone here you should sue them…or at least call customer service and complain.

  45. Howdy neighbours!

    Cross-posted at Kotaku.

    And hee hee. There’s a lot of surprised but happy people out there.

  46. JoopTang says:

    Halo 3 Players Online: 7,321…right now

  47. Jesustron says:

    My halo 3 arrived at 9:00am on 09/25 from dell. Dropped RIGHT on my doorstep from DHL. :):):):)P:)