Top Posts Of The Week

Applebee’s Bruschetta Burger Menu Picture Vs Reality

“he fries, however, were a different story. In the menu photo, “garlic parmesan fries” are served in a ramekin and look quite tasty. Instead, I was served a cylinder of slimy, greasy fries with a couple pieces of parmesan cheese on top.”

CellHut Can’t Understand That You Didn’t Order The iPhone, Thieves Did
“Last Friday, I arrived home from work to discover a mysterious package waiting for me. Upon opening it, I found… trash bags. Lots of them. Puzzled, I rifled through the box and discovered, to my amazement, that they had been used as packing material for a brand new 4 Gb Apple iPhone!”

Best Buy Sends The Police After You For Taking Your Loan Application Home
“”But the security guard must have taken down my license plate number because when I got home, my wife tells me the police are waiting for me,” he said.”

Your Bill Looks Fraudulent. Pay It Anyway
“Reader Motoko was shocked to find $1,000 worth of charges from an unknown phone number on her latest T-Mobile bill.”

Make Credit Card Companies Your Bitch
“If you are planning a hop across the pond, ditch your Visa and Mastercard in favor of Discover or Capitol One. Neither levies a foreign transaction fee of 1% or more.”

Comcast’s Download Cap Is 200 GB, But Only In Areas With Subpar Networks
“Comcast even has a system ready to go where if you exceed the limit a popup will ask you to purchase additional gigabytes, our source says.”