New mulch for daycare playground found to contain thousands of nails. Company says they informed school of the possibility of nails, school Director of Maintenance says he didn’t find out about the nails until a maintenance worker brought him a fistful from the freshly laid mulch. [Northwest Herald]


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  1. not_seth_brundle says:
  2. PalmBayChuck says:

    What doesn’t kill the little buggers, makes them stronger.

    Ok, I’m outraged. But think, it could have been razor blades.

  3. RvLeshrac says:

    The company needs a good suing.

    That said, they DID inform the school. The buyer accepted the seller’s goods while aware of the defect, which is covered under [] (UCC 2-316).

  4. lockdog says:

    Seriously…. I hate to jump on the blame the company bandwagon, and I give them credit for at least telling the customer about the nails, BUT… One of the fist big rules about running a mulching operation that is going to accept Construction and Demolition debris is to be an absolute nazi about what goes into your shredder. Absolutely nothing painted, dye test any wood that might be pressure treated, and be vigilant about any non-ferrous metals, espcially trash like aluminum cans and roofing nails (I’m willing to bet this mulch was a cedar shake roof or siding in a previous life). A big ass electromagnet on the other end of the shredder solves any problems with good old iron nails and will leave you with a good clean product. C&D waste recycling is a *good thing*, and a heckuva lot better than just landfilling all that material. Sounds like the mulching operator has an employee who was asleep at the wheel. Before I sold a product I knew was bad (or even gave it away) I’d have offered the employee the option of not getting canned on the spot by picking out every last one of those nails by hand.

  5. Nytmare says:

    I’d have thought he was kidding.

    “Ok here is your large bucket of popcorn, but just to let you know, there’s crushed glass shards mixed in there.”