Mark Your Calendars: Do Not Call List Numbers Start Expiring In June 2008

The “Do Not Call List” comes with a built in expiration date, and the date is coming soon for people who signed up for the list when it first started.

If you signed up in June 2003, your name will drop off of the list in June 2008 if you don’t renew it. The good news is that it’s not exactly difficult to do:

“It is incredibly quick and easy to do,” Lydia Parnes, director of the FTC’s bureau of consumer protection, said in an interview with The Associated Press this week. “It was so easy for people to sign up in the first instance. It will be just as easy for them to re-up.”

So remember, kids. Re-up your Do Not Call subscription! Remind your parents! Tell a friend!

Telemarketers: they have your number
[CNNMoney](Thanks, B N!)

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