Best Buy Emails To Let You Know They Won't Be Honoring A Mistake In Their Ad

Several of our readers received this email from Best Buy, explaining that they won’t be honoring a mistake in the upcoming September 23, 2007 Best Buy ad.

Stores aren’t usually required to honor typographical errors in advertisements, but we’re not sure if accidentally advertising the wrong product (rather than accidentally printing $2.00 instead of $200, for example) qualifies. It seems Best Buy might not be sure either. The solution is rebate!

Praise and adulation to the first person who finds an applicable law. In the meantime, here’s some information on false advertising from the FTC. And here’s a guide to “bait” advertising. Learning is fun.

Frequentlt Asked Advertising Questions:A Guide for Small Business
Guides Against Bait Advertising[FTC]

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