Agassi Sues Target Over Unauthorized Flip-Flops

Andre Agassi is suing Target for slapping his name on a pair of brown men’s flip-flops without his permission, says the AP.

Agassi Enterprises Inc. says it told Target the shoes violated its trademark, but continued to see them on store shelves and on-line—even after Target said it would pull the item. Target says it is trying to relabel the flip-flops and that it never marketed the shoes under Agassi’s name.

“It may have been missed in a few stores, which prompted this lawsuit,” Target said.

The lawsuit alleges that Target sold over $600,000 worth of fake Agassi sandals and is seeking triple that amount in damages because the infringement was “was of an intentional, willful and wanton nature.” Scandalous. Hey, Target, look at it this way— at least the flip-flops didn’t scar anyone’s feet.

Return shot [Sports Illustrated]

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