82 Personal Finance Myths Debunked

Grad Money Matters debunks 82 of the head games we play with ourself that keep us from handling our money the way we should.

We like this one, under the “Attitudes” category: “Myth: “I don’t make enough money, so I can’t save””

If you are a victim of the circumstances, strive hard to get above them – instead of feeling sad for your situation or blaming someone for your problems, strive to get out by looking for opportunities or creating them for yourself.

The items are presented in gloss on the front page. Be sure to hit “detailed article” under each subsection for the full explanation. Oftentimes our biggest personal finance problems are “cognitive thinking” and prodding from a list like this can help get your mind right.

Campaign Against Financial Myths: 82 Myths Busted! [Grad Money Matters]
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