Despite Winning $54 Million Pants Lawsuit, Drycleaner Shutters

The ordeal of battling the $54 million lawsuit over a pair of pants finally got to the DC drycleaners and they’ve closed up shop.

Business hasn’t recovered since the crazed judge put up defamatory fliers around their neighborhood, despite winning the initial case. Just goes to show that sometimes proactive consumers go too far, way too far, though the reality is most of the times they don’t go far enough.

Not that we’re saying “Fancy Pants” Pearson was justified in what he did. Far from it. He’s a jerk. This story has a “bad consumer” tag. Beyond the simple fact that he was WRONG to begin with, he violated a cardinal rule of good consumerism. The amount of time and money he poured into trying to “get what he deserved” far outweighed the initial cost of whatever offense he felt the drycleaner had caused.

[Washington Post] (Thanks to Garry!)
(Photo: Jacquelyn Martin)

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