Pat's Plumbing Charges Guy In Wheelchair $550 To Remove Dispoable Razor From His Toilet Trap

My name is Pat. I recently needed some plumbing done on my toilet. It was clogged, and we couldn’t get anything to work for us to get it unclogged. I looked through the online websites in the area of plumbers. Holy crap, here is Pat’s Plumbing. I didn’t even know I had a plumbing business, so I figured “what the hell”. I called them, and I told them of my troubles. “We cannot give prices over the phone sir, but we give up front pricing after our technician shows up”. Well, c’mon over I said. They showed up, and without even looking at my toilet, they whipped out a book of prices, and quoted me $500 to do this obviously tough job, but not obvious to them because like I said, they had not even looked at the item yet.

Well, I am physically handicapped. I had a spinal cord tumor removed from my back, and it has really screwed up my G.I. system, so this is one reason the toilet was clogged, plus, I depended on that toilet to work. I was desperate. I reluctantly agreed thinking that this job was going to be a toughie, but 15 minutes later, they were done. They told me the problem was a disposable razor head lodged in the trap. Well great, then since it was so easy, they would only charge me about $100, which was fine with me, I was happy, but no, they wanted $550. Well, under duress, I paid, and I complained to the President of the company about it, and told them how I felt they had taken advantage of me and my situation, and that they basically earned about $2000/hour on my job, and her retort to me was “well, you don’t know if other companies would have come in there and taken 2 or 3 hours and charged me even more than they did!” which to me is like saying “other companies could have taken 4 hours to screw you over, but when we screw people over, we are very efficient about it!!”. She then offered me some bogus $150 customer satisfaction guarantee, which still was astronomically high, and they wanted me to sign legal papers saying that I was satisfied and had no further right to complain against them, and this had to be notarized. This just pissed me off more.

If you go to their website, , You can see how “professional” they are. Click on the “About” button and read the total horse shit they write about themselves. “Pat’s Plumbing is ran with great morals; we believe in treating our customers the way that we would want to be treated.” They apparently aren’t “ran” with grammar checking!! Their Motto “We’re in it for you” should read “We’re in it TO **** YOU”

I have complained to the BBB and the AG and to Angie’s list, but the President, Linda Houser, an ugly old Skag Hag who blames me for the whole problem. I could have said “no”, and that may be true, but I figured a “Morally ran” business would fuck me over, but they did, and didn’t even use any KY or Vaseline to do it. Watching the I-caught program has given me a lot of ideas. I already mess with their signs in the Men’s room at Safeco Field. I have season tickets, and every game, I use a sharpie to put a mustache on Linda’s face, and write “Unclog toilet – $2000/hour”. At first, the stadium didn’t catch on, but now they erase it after every game, and have been putting people in to watch for who is doing it, so I have to go to other men’s rooms, and I am in a wheelchair, and the pictures are above the urinals, which are not appropriate, because when I see that man floating picture and their slogan and that hag’s face, I usually have to crap my pants.

Anyway, I am thinking about video journaling and letting other people in the Seattle Area know just what kind of “Morally Ran” company has the balls to put my name on their business. Thanks for the ideas, and I hope you are interested in knowing how things go.

Yours Truly

Pat F. – Renton WA

Pat, if you didn’t feel the price was fair, then you should not have paid it. However, fishing out a razor shouldn’t cost $550, or even $300. You scammed the guy. Just because he agreed to it doesn’t make it any less of a scam.

And now, since you wouldn’t work out a fair deal with Pat, he’s rolling around from restroom to restroom, drawing mustachios on your advertising. How much does that negative advertising add up to over time? Probably over $450. Not even the wheelchair bound need take a case of consumer injustice sitting down.


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  1. JustAGuy2 says:

    Um, what do you mean about Pat learning about the pricing after the work is done? They told him the price upfront. Maybe the price was a ripoff, but they told him “for $500, we’ll fix your toilet.” He said yes, they fixed the toilet, he paid the $500. Seems fair to me.

    Frankly, their offer to cut the price to $150 if he agreed not to sue them seems more than fair.

  2. sonichghog says:

    He quoted you $500 and charged you $550. You should get $50 back.

    $500 is the amount you agreed to.

  3. pda_tech_guy says:

    Well, they legally scammed you. However, that is pretty messed up. I say we all log onto their website and tell them to check out their story on

  4. E-Bell says:


    I interpreted it as a $150 refund, not as an offer to cut the price to $150. If they did cut the price to $150, I don’t see how Pat can complain.

  5. UpsetPanda says:

    Under duress? Can plumbers fix the toilet, prove it works, and when you refuse to pay the plumber can stick the razor back into the toilet?

    I mean…I don’t think that $550 is fair, heck $500 isn’t fair, but it’s one thing to feel that the company was unfair because they lied and misquoted you from point A (seeing the problem) to point B (after fixing the problem) and another to complain that they overcharged you after you agreed to the price.

    It seems to me that while it was a ripoff, the OP is at fault for agreeing. A business can’t make exceptions for everyone who may have a condition. There is no “we’ll fix this and bill you less than agreed upon because we feel bad for you” policy.

    It was up to the OP to decide it was worth the $500/$550 to fix what he obviously considered a dire situation. If you didn’t do your research and call several plumbers, that’s shame on consumer, not company.

    But my question is, why did he pay $550 when $500 was agreed upon? Why didn’t he fight the price? Fighting the $50 makes more sense after the fact than fighting the entire $550.

  6. Uriel says:

    did you sign the legal papers, and what was their reaction if you refused?

  7. stavs says:

    I hate that damn plumbers book. I look for plumbers who charge by the hour, not the job. That big is the biggest scam in the home repair industry.

    Sucks to be the wheelchair guy, but they did quote him $500 and he agreed.

  8. sonichghog says:

    I would also like to know if this was an “emergengy” job. I know that plumbers will sometimes charge over $200 just to come to your home on a normal service call. If this was work on a weekened and an emergency…. who knows.

    Just because the work was completed quickly, does not mean it was a ripoff. I do not even know how many PCs I have fixed in the past under the 2 hour minimum charge, when the repair took only 5 minutes.

  9. mopar_man says:


    This sounds like a fine idea to me.

    While the $500 is a ridiculous amount and he did agree to it, a non-shady company would’ve fixed the problem and billed him for the actual amount. I’ve seen plenty of good-standing companies quote high to cover their asses then bill the actual (lesser) amount afterwards.

  10. johnnyboi1016 says:

    Ouch, hindsight really kills you here but we all must play devil’s advocate. From the sound of it this company probably has gotten screwed over enough quoting prices to customers and losing money on jobs that are supposed to be easy. Hence, the change in policy to not give quotes over the phone (and this is prob reflected in the president’s lack of sympathy). Sounds like to me they gave you a $500 ‘flat rate’ charge to ‘fix your toilet.’ Pat did not elaborate how his toilet got clogged and seemed to have no idea. Well, that’s how a price quote is generated, using information given by the customer. To ‘fix the toilet’ with no other information sounds about right at $4-500.

    One can also surmise that once the plumbers saw that the customer was handicapped and very dependent on this toilet as well as desperate, dollar signs lit up in their eyes. Who really knows though, what the price is ‘supposed’ to be.

    Pat, let me ask you this: if the problem was huge and your entire toilet and plumbing had to be dismantled all the way to the outside lines, would you agree to paying double or even triple that price? Probably, considering it’s justified. But what about after they told you it would be exactly $500 to ‘fix your toilet?’

  11. Greeper says:

    Today marks the new low for Consumerist. I guess you’re just publishing every email now?

  12. CumaeanSibyl says:

    Always, always, always go with a place that charges by the hour plus materials. And then watch them. (I mean, don’t hover or anything, but just keep an eye on what they’re doing.)

  13. Hawk07 says:

    Probably one of the best complaint letters I’ve read here. Language a bit crude at times, but nevertheless Pat was obviously (and rightly so) outraged over the incident.

  14. corkylaudersmell says:

    I am a managing engineer for a wastewater utility. I deal with the cleaning, video inspection and other maintenance of sanitary sewer laterals all of the time. By association, I am brought in

  15. Trauma_Hound says:

    $2000 an hour, wow I should change careers.

  16. JayXJ says:

    If I understand the OPs point correctly he assumed there would be a lot more to the job than there was. If a plumber tells you a repair is $500 you would assume that it is a big job (taking toilet out, removing pipes) not a 5 minute fishing job.

    This strikes me as very shady but there is little likelyhood of him being compensated.

  17. Jon Mason says:

    I think the point is that yes, technically they quoted him $500 for the job and he agreed to it. However it turned out to be such an easy job that there’s no way they should have still charged him the full amount.

    I had a very similar situation this weekend, Mr Sparky came out to look at my electricity, which was out in some parts of the house only: Quoted me $250 to do a “full single circuit diagnosis” – which I agreed to. The guy then took literally <15 minutes to stick his multimeter in my breaker box, walk out to the outside meter and declare it a power company issue. Then charged me the full amount.

    I am not pissed enough about it to complain on the web or even to the company, but I’m sure if there was extra work to be done they would have charged me more, so why not give me a break when it turns out to be a much easier job than they imagined? Just saying it would have been nice, but oh well, them’s the breaks…

  18. Blueskylaw says:

    It would have been cheaper to just replace the whole toilet with a new one, something I did myself in half an hour. But seriously, they took advantage of a handicapped person in need, and not giving an estimate until they are in your home reeks as a scam company.
    Signing legal papers for a plumbing job?

  19. UpsetPanda says:

    I’m guessing that there is only one toilet in Pat’s house because it would be my standard practice to find out what was wrong with my toilet and try to find a company that would charge less.

    Btw…this is slightly irrelevant, but how the heck did a razorblade get flushed in the first place? You drop a razorblade and don’t notice the shiny metal swirling down? I kinda understand not wanting to fish it out, but I guess it could happen if one was flushing then knocked over the blade while it was flushing.

  20. Nytmare says:

    SECCO Home Services is that way, they use a Big Book of Plumbing Prices and the fees are just massive. But my work was not an emergency so I was able to get a second opinion with a good price and good service and will just stick with him from now on; so glad I didn’t go with the crazy Book Price company.

  21. UpsetPanda says:

    @masonreloaded: This reminds me of when my old laptop monitor was broken. It wasn’t the screen itself, it was the plastic around the screen that was the problem. It had broken from wear and tear and some travel and I wanted to replace it because it was exposing the screen’s circuitry to the elements (dust, pollen, etc.).

    I took it to CompUSA and presented my laptop. Keep in mind that there was nothing wrong with the computer itself, it was a cosmetic issue.

    The guy gave me a flat fee of $185 just to do a diagnostic. I asked what was involved with a diagnostic. Turns out, a “diagnostic” wasn’t to take the laptop, find a way to fix it and/or order parts, it was one guy taking the laptop, looking at it and concluding that the plastic around the screen was broken.

    After that genius conclusion, they would then charge me ANOTHER fee just to see if they can take a screwdriver and screw it back into place, which I assured them I had already tried. But no, they’re “experts”…then they wanted to charge another fee to order parts from the company.

    I didn’t get my laptop “diagnosed” and didn’t get it fixed. It still runs, and it runs well.

  22. jmuskratt says:

    Just wondering, but how is the OP’s disability relevant?

    That said, there is often a significant distinction between contractual obligation and morality.

  23. corkylaudersmell says:

    Sorry, hit the wrong button.

    Anyways, long story short, in my work I end up talking to plumbers and their clients quite a bit and have a pretty good idea about their fees.

    I am curious, when you say that they took the razor head out of the “trap”, are you saying it was caught in the trap that is built into the base of the toilet (the s-shaped curve under the toilet tank) or at a p-trap elsewhere. A toilet should generally not have any type of trap – p-trap or otherwise – downstream of it. Sinks, showers etc. will have a trap immediately after the fixture but not toilets. I was wondering if they were really saying that they were able to clean things out of an access point (aka cleanout) within the building pipe or from a cleanout on the outside of your residence.

    Either way, $500 is ridiculous. I often have to tell people that can’t afford it that their plumbing problems are on their “side” (meaning on their private property outside of the public right of way). It has been my experience that just showing up is $150 to a plumber and that a standard snaking of a line could add about $100 to that depending on the difficulty of the work. Around these parts, paying $500 will get you an internal video inspection complete with a VHS videotape of the inspection so you can see the problem up close and personal.

    As far as any recourse you have, you may just have to chalk it up to experience. You may try a local news outlet to see if they will help out.

  24. Zanorfes says:

    Support Pat, the customer. Call the plumbing service and let them know that you think they should refund him the money. If many people call and apply pressure, they’re going to give in. After all, these calls will cost their 800 number money. Support Pat the customer, and call 1800-491-4081 and say: GIVE PAT HIS MONEY BACK!

  25. Beerad says:

    1) The OP totally got ripped off.

    2) But he agreed to it, which he shouldn’t have done. This doesn’t justify being ripped off, but OP apparently agreed to the costs regardless of how easy/hard the job was. So yes, OP has to pay.

    3) This is why you should always investigate home problems to the extent possible yourself before calling in the professionals. Yes, I realize OP is in a wheelchair, so call up an able bodied chum with a wrench and an augur and see what you can figure out. It sounds like the OP could have solved this himself by digging around in the trap with a coat hanger.

  26. Jeff asks: "WTF could you possibly have been thinking? says:

    How much would it take to get any of YOU to come to my house and play in my feces-filled overflowing toilet? Are you kidding me? Certain things are just disgusting (remember the part about his screwed up GI system?) and this is one. That’s why home health care providers should make more money. Changing shitty adult diapers is really gross….
    Fair price for a fair service IMHO.

  27. CyGuy says:

    The tipoff-2-the-ripoff for me was that they have book a flat rate charges, yet they refused to quote him a price over the phone. Those two policies are incompatible for a reputable service business. This is either a company that preys on people in desperate situations – like having only one toilet that is busted, or potentially they deliberately overcharge customers who they think they can make pay through the nose. I’m thinking they have two books of prices, one for folks that they think will give them a hard time, and another for customers they think are easy marks. They pulled out the book with the ‘easy mark’ prices for Pat and screwed him over.

    Another way they can scam the customer is by how they categorize the repair. Maybe they charge $200 for a clogged drain pipe and $500 for a ‘broken toilet’ when they spot an easy mark they quote the job as a broken toilet.

    A reputable plumber would have charged their 1/2 hour or one hour minimum for labor ($100/hr or $150/hr with a 1 hour minimum wouldn’t be too unexpected) and hoped that they build a continuing relationship with a customer. A ripoff business would have done exactly what this company did.

  28. fredmertz says:

    Truly a gripping story. Area Man Ripped Off By Plumber

  29. Rusted says:

    I’ve been quoted 700 bucks on replacing a toilet. (Shakes head) Since then, I’ve done it for the price of a decent wax ring (Around 5.00, since I got the flusher for free) and rebuilt two old ones for less then forty bucks in parts.

    Maybe I could undercut plumbers…..

  30. lightaugust says:

    Couldn’t agree more that contracts are contracts, but morality is morality. In the meantime, there has got to be a consumer reporter on one of the local Seattle newscasts ready to salivate over this story. What would it hurt to try that route?

  31. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    Someone’s going to call me insensitive, but what does the fact that he is in a wheelchair have to do with this story? Yes, he got ripped off, but his handicapped status seems to me an irrelevant ploy for sympathy.

  32. Jeff asks: "WTF could you possibly have been thinking? says:

    @Franklin Comes Alive!: Yes, it is a pitiful cry for special treatment on his part. But, it was also used to point out how severe his incontinence is. Now imagine having to fix his toilet. What would you charge?

  33. UpsetPanda says:

    @Franklin Comes Alive!: I don’t think you’re being insensitive, but I also don’t think this was a ploy for sympathy. A complaint is a complaint, the discussion is on the legitimacy of his claims. It is unfortunate he was ripped off, but he agreed to the price. As for being in a wheelchair, I think that was Pat’s explanation as to why he perhaps could not do more research before getting his plumbing fixed. That tidbit alone eliminated the need to answer to all of the “why didn’t you get a second opinion?” posts.

    Though, not speaking about Pat specifically, many people with disability are used to people deferring to them because of it. It’s nice to be treated nicely, and some people simply don’t care whether it is out of respect or sympathy.

  34. upokyin says:

    The writer is a jerk. How does vandalizing a public restroom help resolve a dispute with his plumber? He is just creating more work for a stadium employee who has done nothing wrong. Shame on the Consumerist for implicitly condoning this behavior.

  35. jamesdenver says:

    In this case his handicap does matter. Unlike the diabetic guy whining about no place to keep his insulin cold while his fridge was inop.

    If I had one inop toilet I could easily say F-U to the plumber and pee at a neighbors house or my bushes for a day or two.

    It’s a bit more difficult for him..

  36. Anonymous says:

    Look, the guy was in a wheelchair, which limits his own ability to diagnose or fix it himself.

    The big warning sign is stated here: “We cannot give prices over the phone sir, but we give up front pricing after our technician shows up”.

    No. If you have “up-front” pricing, you can certainly give that up-front prior to your technican showing up.

    This is basically a scam, since most people will be reluctant to refuse service after the technician has “gone through the hassle” to show up. Especially since he appears to have explained that he was handicapped, had GI problems, and was in real need of getting this fixed.

  37. brettro82 says:

    under duress? lmfao

    sorry dude, it’s a “sh*tty” situation, but unless the plumber had a gun to your head you willingly accepted the service fee.

  38. SudsMN says:

    What about the reverse case? If the work took an extended period of
    time, would you have been willing to pay more if they asked for it? The
    flat rate pricing goes both ways. Sometimes you win, sometimes you
    lose. No one forced the OP to use this plumber.

  39. MonkeyMonk says:

    I made the same mistake during one of those annual AC inspections (Baer Plumbing and Heating in IL). The guy mentioned during the inspection that one of our lines could be better insulated and if I wanted him to wrap an insulator sleeve around it. I said sure without asking upfront what the cost would be since I know these sleeves only cost a few dollars in the store and I only needed about 2.5 feet.

    At the end of the job he pulls out the dreaded “black price book” and quotes me a price of $65 for the insulation, not to mention $140 for 2 lbs of freon.

    Being a sucker I paid it but I’ll never use that company again. I figure it was an expensive but well-learned lesson. I always use a place that gives an hourly quote before the start of the job now.

  40. Scooter says:

    It’s always a good idea to befriend a plumber. It’s gotten me out of plenty of tight spots.

    … and a mechanic.

    … and a lawyer.

  41. jesirose says:

    So, this guy needed a rush service, got a quote, agreed to it, decided he was pissed off because he’s in a wheelchair, and started a schedule of regular vandalism on an unrelated business?

    At least it had nothing to do with Home Depot.

  42. UpsetPanda says:

    @jesirose: No, because Home Depot is “here to help.”

    On the public vandalism bit – I’m sure there are better ways to deal with being overcharged than to deface the same public area that you have season tickets to…I mean, that actually increases your likelihood of being caught anyway. And then what’s going to happen? Will you complain that you’re being treated unfairly because they’ve moved all of the flyers from your eye level and that discriminates against people in wheelchairs?

  43. MercuryPDX says:

    @CyGuy: @EagleTheta:
    Just playing Devil’s advocate here… but most companies I’ve dealt with won’t quote a price over the phone because (In this instance…) you’re not a plumber who can diagnose the problem.

    The clogged toilet can be due to something simple (like a razor) or something more extensive (tree roots coming up through the nitrogen-rich pipes). So it’s in the company’s best interest to diagnose the problem on site rather than quote you $50 for a $500 job over the phone and take a $450 loss.

    That said, the flat rate pricing is based on the average cost of time and materials and the company is bound to it… be it a $450 profit for using a plunger, or an $800 loss when they have to start digging to remove tree roots and replace your sewer line. This applies to Auto Mechanics, Electricians, and even Web Developers like myself.

    Don’t like their pricing structure? Call around… you can find someone who charges by the hour. Then you can complain that it took five hours to do a five minute job because they “pretended” to work for four hours and 55 minutes since they had no other jobs lined up that day.

    Point is, you can get screwed either way. Since the OP was not swimming in sewage, he had plenty of time to call around, ask questions, and do his homework.

    And since I’m ranting…
    Being disabled has nothing to do with. I’m sure there wasn’t a special “Wheelchair guy – Add $400” fee tagged on the price. It would be the same $500 charge for an able bodied person. Don’t cry “victim” just because you were treated like everyone else (Say hello to equality).

    The OP’s one-man Graffiti spree is not justified, and sadly misdirected at some stadium guy who has to clean it up, or some marketing company that has to replace his signs.

    I’m either VERY surprised that Ben would advocate this as acceptable behavior, or my sarcasm meter needs an adjustment.

  44. othium says:

    “What does the fact that this person is handicapped have to do with the complaint?”

    I think those of you who have replied to this story with that comment should look up the definition of the term “Vulnerable Adult”. Many disabled citizens are financially exploited each year.


    If I were Pat, I would contact the Health and Human services agency and see if he has grounds to make a complaint under this law.

  45. RebekahSue says:

    What a shitty story!

    Note to Pat the OP: some of the warehouse home stores have web sites and will deliver. A snake will run you between $20 and $60, depending on the size. (ours, which I finally bought, was low-end because I am not strong enough to use the bigger professional ones.)

    I haven’t been able to get a plumber’s rate over the phone. (old house, old father with things he wants to hide… you get the picture.) None of them quoted anything that astronomical even when we were desperate – we got rates when they arrived based on their hourly rate or part thereof. even with two guys, it never cost more than, with gratuity, $150 (and a few places gave my parents a senior discount). Out of the four, i think, times i called last year, I got the fastest and least expensive service from a man + son family business (not a chain or franchise) – $75/hr or unclog.

  46. MercuryPDX says:

    @othium: Many disabled citizens are financially exploited each year.

    Granted, but that was simply not the case here.

  47. Patferr says:

    This is Pat F. and I find it quite amusing reading some of the comments here. Especially the one’s who say “you agreed to the price so it’s your fault..blah blah”. Yes, I did agree to the price because I believed the job was going to be a very involved job, involving my septic tank or something very involved. I had already tried plunging it all weekend long, and I had a snake as well, and nothing could unclog it. My disability involves my G.I. system from a spinal cord tumor that was removed from my mid spine. I had already waited 1 day (Sunday) because all the plumbers I called wanted 2 or 3 hundred just to come out.
    My basic beef with Pat’s Plumbing had nothing to do with their service, or professionalism. It had to do with their “satisfaction guarantee” and their claims on their website that they were run “Morally” which is a joke. Any honest plumber would have charged at MOST $100 for that 15 minute job. I would have GLADLY paid $200 and felt good enough about this company that I would have praised them just as much as I am slamming them like I am here. They would have made a very fair profit, and I would have them on my speed dial for any future work I needed to have done.
    The bottom line here is that they are now on page one of a Google search so anybody who is thinking about using them might better think twice now. That’s the first thing I did when I was trying to find a plumber, and I googled “Pat’s Plumbing” and I went to the BBB and they were not listed, so I trusted them, especially after reading on their website about how they treated customers the way they would want to be treated blah blah BS. So I am glad I wrote the Consumerist, they are a great asset to consumers, and I appreciate everybody who wrote your opinions about me, whether good or bad. Yes, I was stupid for paying that, or even agreeing to it. I learned my lesson. I have joined Angie’s list and I will always check the Consumerist before I deal with any other companies. Thanks to all of you.

    Pat F.

  48. Patferr says:

    @johnnyboi1016: Hey, if they had come out and had to do a lot more involved work, they sure as hell would have charged me more, claiming that this wasn’t a simple unclog toilet job, but a “whatever you wanna call-it” job and it costs more, but we can still fix it sir……so I doubt you asking me if I would have held them to their $500 unclog price is moot.
    Somebody mentioned that they probably have 2 books, and that reminded me. There were two guys that showed up at my house, and after I explained to the one guy what my problem was, he told the other guy to “go get the book” and that guy left and came back with the book that had the pricing in it. Maybe they did have 2 books and they saw my predicament and went for it.
    As I said, I am a “morally ran” person. If my toilet job had been more serious, I certainly would have paid for the services rendered. I realize plumbers have to earn a living wage, and thats why I wouldn’t have minded paying $200 for that 15-20 minute job, for 2 guys and a truck. I could afford it, and I know there are some that can’t. But I was gang raped by this company who was no more Morally ran than an “alter-boy training school at the local NAMBLA meeting hall”.
    Also, to others of you who said I should have “done my homework”, I tried to. My toilet clogged on Saturday night, I went all day Sunday at the movie theater where they had handicap bathrooms. I looked online and called many places, and I had someone coming on Monday because I didnt want to pay the high priced weekend extra. Pat’s had called me monday morning but someone else was supposed to come so I told them no thanks, but when the other Plumbers told me they might not make it, I called Pat’s back because they had been so nice, and I had read their website, and searched the BBB and Googled them and nothing came up (red flag). I had also already plunged, my wife plunged, we snaked, used liquid plumber, to no avail. I honestly thought the job was going to be pretty involved. When he was done in 15 minutes, I was shocked.
    I am not perfect, but I am fair, and I am just voicing my complaint about Pat’s Plumbing and their illicit practices. I wish someone had done this for me before I got screwed by them. I am satisfied now that google searches puts them on page one LOL. That makes my heart sing.
    Pat F.