Chinese Brothers Develop New "Mock 3" Razors

Chinese officials charged the Zhang brothers with assembling 160,000 fake Gillette Mach 3 razor blades in their home with the help of other family members (and, we imagine, lots of boxes of Band-Aids). The home was raided over a year ago, but apparently the charges have just been officially announced. Unless, of course, this very announcement is a forgery—or tainted with lead!

Of the 160,000 counterfeit blades, 120,000 had already been shipped to Shanghai by the time of the raid. The fake blades were estimated to be worth over $300,000.

We fully expect to be writing a post about a fake Olympic Village, where all the buildings are movie set façades, in 2008.

“Brothers on the cutting edge of knock-offs” [Reuters]


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  1. C2D says:

    Best way to protect yourself from counterfeit blades and the Chinese poison train…

    Grow a beard!

    Or if your beard sucks, go buy an electric shaver.

  2. d0x says:

    Hell I’d buyem. Mach 3 blades are still too damn expensive and that new Fusion with its 4 Blades does nothing but cut up my face…and 2 Bladed Razors…dont do the trick.

  3. Buran says:

    Since when does China care about American ‘intellectual property’?

  4. spinachdip says:

    @d0x: Seriously, Gillette gets you hooked and then charges you out the ass so you can keep up the habit. It’s straight out of the crack dealer’s manual.

    BTW, there are places that, for lack of a simpler explanation, freezes razor blades which is supposed to make them last longer. I’ve been meaning to try it.

  5. magus_melchior says:

    Since when did China (and for that matter, most 3rd world nations with electricity) care about anyone’s intellectual property?</tongueincheek>

    I seem to recall a “black market” somewhere in Africa (which they would call a “computer store”) in which the price of software was exactly the price of the media it was burned on.

  6. d0x says:

    @spinachdip: I guess you could say that Im hoooked, I’ve tried to kick the addiction but its sooo hard.

    Honestly I’ve tried electric from the cheap $50 ones up to the decent $300 ones and they dont shave as much as mangle my face and leave my skin irritated.

    I can get by with the 2 blade razors but it takes quite a few pass’s which…irritates the skin.

    Im the kinda guy that needs to shave twice a day but I hold off and just do it once. In all honesty the Mach 3 is the best razor I’ve ever used I just wish it wasnt so damn expensive.

    When I was about 14 I tried some nair and uh…that didnt work out so well either.

  7. bohemian says:

    Can someone please explain to me why blades are so expensive? Why can’t someone make a generic that just happens to fit certain handles?

  8. HungryGrrl says:

    @bohemian: Patents!

    I’m a girl so my shaving needs are different than those of dudes, but I have about zero interest in the “more than two bladed razors” they market to women. Why would I ever want to spent $4 or more per cartridge when for 50 cents a razor I can get a big bag of two bladed Daisy razors that I can use twice and throw out before they get dull.

  9. spinachdip says:

    @HungryGrrl: FWIW, you can make blades last longer (and smell fresher!) by treating them with baby oil.

  10. lockdog says:

    Just say no to cheap disposable razors. I too often need a shave around lunch time (weirdly enough, my beard grows faster in winter, too). After trying just about every blade and razor combination on the market, I settled for this beauty from Merkur. It’s a German made double bladed safety razor, just like the old Gillette your Grandpa would have used. With the super sharp Merkur blades (50 cents a piece or to put it another way, 25 cents per cutting edge) and a good pre shave oil I get skin smooth enough to rival my 18 month old son. We’re talking seriously smooth. The blades last two weeks, maybe longer but since I wear two week disposable contacts I do both tasks at once. The heft in the razor alone tells me I don’t have some piece of crap drug store razor, it probably weighs 9-12 ounces. Someday I hope to upgrade to one of their top of the line razors where you can adjust the pitch on the blade for a closer shave, but right now I can’t justify 80 bucks on a razor.

  11. miborovsky says:

    Consumerist? Please spare us your witty Sinophobic jabs. It gets tiring.

  12. @miborovsky: I was wondering when someone would accuse me of this! I don’t think it’s fair to call my writing sinophobic just because I’m having fun with the recent spate of news stories about Chinese manufacturing “issues.” This is like the shark attack media madness of a few years back–it’s a hot topic and every media outlet in the country is looking for stories that have a forgery or safety-issue hook. We’re up to our knees in stories like this right now. It will pass.

    On the whole, I’d say we’re no more “anti-Chinese” than we are “anti-American,” and we consistently make more jokes and write more posts about American-based companies.

    Maybe that Olympic Village crack isn’t funny to you, but have you seen the architecture for the Beijing Olympics? It’s all amazing, and hilarious (to me, at least) to imagine it all propped up like a fake Wild West town. Anyway.

    But thanks for teaching me a new word.

  13. spinachdip says:

    @cwalters: I just they went with this design for the Olympic Stadium. I mean the jokes, they keep on, um, coming.

  14. rikkus256 says:

    Nothing surprised me here. China even has a fake Disney Land:

  15. BoorRichard says:

    I bought a bulk lot of Mach 3 razors on eBay. I paid about $50 for $200 (store value) worth of razors. I thought it was a good deal and expected them to last a long time.

    The quality was not as good. For sure. They got dull much more quickly than the previous ones.

    I now have a free Mach 5 or whatever it’s called. This razor has five blades on one side and one on the other. It’s quite durable and impressive. I know that many shaving buffs say more blades means more irritation, but I have not had problems. It is a bit like shaving your face with one of those massive lawnmowers used by the city, but I get a great shave from it.

    Rather than suspect that the Mach 3 razors from ebay were counterfeit, I’ve long thought that the build quality of the free and/or early razors was better than the sequel. Like the free sample? Go buy a replacement that wears out five times faster.

    I don’t know what’s going on, but there’s no doubt that, as a consumer, I have seen a wide range of product quality in identical-looking “high-end” razors. It’s a big reason I’ll never be a loyal user of them.

  16. Cowboys_fan says:

    @Chris Walters:
    So then why do you hate America as much as China!? :p

    I love the mach3. I’ve used it for years and won’t switch, haven’t even tried the fusion as I have no need. I could definately use cheaper blades, however I can manage to make an 8 pack last a year as I only shave 2-3 times/week. After the 12th or 15th shave with the same blade, it gets rough but still better than a bic.