Joyriding Jerks Steal Food Bank Truck, Ruin 1 Ton Of Food For No Reason

Two jerks stole a food bank truck and let 1 ton of food that was about to be delivered to hungry people spoil, according to 9News in Denver:

A local non-profit wants to know who would steal food from the hungry. A thief took a refrigerated Food Bank of the Rockies truck Monday that was stocked with enough food to feed 1,500 families.

The truck was clearly marked with the food bank’s logo, so Denver Police say the thief knew what they were taking.

It happened at a Pizza Hut near the intersection of Federal and Mississippi in Denver on Monday.

Jamil Mathis works at the restaurant.

“I thought it was horrible that somebody would steal any kind of vehicle especially one going to the hungry. It is just ridiculous,” said Mathis.

The driver of the Food Bank truck was at the Pizza Hut to pick up pizzas he would then distribute to families in need. He left the keys under the driver’s seat while he quickly went in the back door of the restaurant.

In the moment he was inside, someone took the truck.

Kevin Seggelke, the CEO of the Food Bank of the Rockies, said, “The driver is a much loved employee and feels terrible about what happened. We are not angry with him. Our emotions are toward whoever did this. Our emotions ranged from very angry, to very disheartened, to very frustrated.”

The truck was eventually recovered but all the food had spoiled. Two “underaged” boys were seen lrunning away from the truck after witnesses alerted police that the thief was driving recklessly.

Jerks! Anyway, this story reminded us to remind you that charitable donations are tax deductible. There’s no reason to procrastinate until the end of the year when donating money; just be sure to keep your receipts for tax time.

We know a lot of you wait until the busy holiday season to think about donating and then forget the Dec 31 tax deadline! Obviously your help is needed with no many jerks in the world, so don’t forget to donate.

Food bank truck stolen, 1 ton of food ruined [9News]
Food Bank Of The Rockies


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  1. hypnotik_jello says:

    keys left under the seat? wth.

  2. Buran says:

    Uh, how many times have we seen advice from the police to NOT LEAVE KEYS IN A VEHICLE EVEN IF YOU ARE ONLY LEAVING FOR A MOMENT?

  3. Echodork says:

    And this is a consumer story… how?

  4. Pipes says:

    I doubt, especially if it was underaged boys, that they really thought about the food. Keys, abandoned truck, who cares what it’s carrying, it’s go time.

    Not that that’s any excuse, of course, nor for the driver either. Would it have been so hard to shove the keys in your pocket? Or keep them on a lanyard around your neck? He’ll never make the mistake again, anyway.

  5. Caswell says:


    Because blaming the victim is hugely popular in Consumerist comments, and this one is an easy target.

  6. SybilDisobedience says:

    @Caswell: Well said.

  7. jamesdenver says:

    Yes this story is completely off topic. But I hope the perps get hours and hours, and hours of serving needy folks food. And more hours.

  8. 3drage says:

    Stealing the food is messed up….but leaving the keys in the car? Come on now.

  9. phrygian says:

    When I was on grand jury last year, there was a running joke about one of the (very small) towns: Every single one of their cases was a stolen vehicle in which the owner had left the keys in it.

    Still, I don’t know what kind of jerkwad would steal a food bank truck and then let the food spoil.

  10. CumaeanSibyl says:

    @Echodork: Because he’s using the story as a hook to get people to read about tax-deductible charitable donations?

  11. ceejeemcbeegee is not here says:

    @Echodork: Because it’s annoying when people complain when the stories posted don’t meet their definition of what is relevant to the nature of this site.


  12. Buran says:

    @SybilDisobedience: Well, he DID violate one of the big no-nos of vehicle ownership… while no one should steal someone else’s stuff, you shouldn’t make it easy for them either.

  13. killavanilla says:

    Here’s an idea – DON’T LEAVE THE KEYS IN THE TRUCK.

  14. ahwannabe says:

    @Echodork: er, well, it did mention Pizza Hut at one point, so maybe…

    I give up. How *is* this a consumer story?

  15. Tzepish says:

    /almost cried

  16. jmschn says:

    @ceejeemcbeegee: you’re hot!

  17. SkyeBlue says:

    It would be doing the people around here who use food banks a favor if someone would steal the food! My friend went a few weeks ago and had to ask for help from 2 different food banks and probably 90% of the food she did receive from them was 1 year to 2 years out of date, one was from 2004! She threw away a good part of it because she was afraid to eat it. Some of it was even mystery meat in unmarked packages with no dates on them.

    I called the State Health Department for her and asked them if it was legal or even safe for food banks to be giving people food that is so out of date and I was told it is fine and even legal for them to do so. I guess since it is only poor people who might get sick from it I guess they aren’t too worried about it. I think it is shameful for this to happen in one of the richest countries in the world.

  18. swisher59 says:

    @jmschn: yes, ceejeemcbeegee is aaliyah back from the grave. hot.

    anyway, i volunteer for a food back and this is just wack. whether or not the driver left the keys, this is still akin to stealing toys for sick kids at christmas time. things like this make me believe thomas hobbes was right about human nature.

  19. GearheadGeek says:

    Put the perps on bread and water for a few weeks and see how THEY like going hungry.

  20. Jean Naimard says:

    It’s great to see how passionate conservatives treat the poor in the US.

    At least, people’s paycheques don’t get dinged to pay for welfare…

  21. spevman says:

    I really hope they catch the jerks who stole the truck. That said, I really hope they find someone with some friggin’ common sense to replace the driver. If the driver is so beloved by the people at the food bank, then re-assign him to duties at the building.

  22. SybilDisobedience says:

    @Buran: I know. I’d never leave my keys in my car (although it’d be worth more to me stolen at this point than if I sold it, but whatever). I’m just really tired of the blame-the-victim mentality shared by certain of the commenters here. Everyone should take responsibility for their actions, but it doesn’t make it OK for someone else to exploit the victim’s mistake.

  23. pyloff says:

    A polite request to fix the typo. Can you find it?

    Obviously your help is needed with no many jerks in the world, so don’t forget to donate.

  24. crawfishpie says:

    Great story, Consumerist. Shows you’ve got heart as well as concern for our pocketbooks. It’s a sad tale, but you called us to action with contributions, and that’s exactly what’s needed here. Hooray, Consumerist!

  25. killavanilla says:

    I don’t get something here.
    When people “blame the victim” it is usually because the “victim” made it easy to victimize them.
    I knew a woman who pulled in to a gas station for a fill up. she left her windows down as she filled up, then reached into her purse to grab a credit card and left her purse in an unlocked car with the windows down. In a major city and at a busy gas station. When she came back to her car, she was shocked (SHOCKED!) that her purse was missing.
    Duh. Just like in the womans case as in this case, this situation was likely highly preventable.
    Did a crime occur? Absolutely! Was it unfortunate? Absolutely! Was it at least partially attributable to the moron who left the keys in the truck? Yes. Absolutely!
    Just because someone was wronged, doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible to some degree.
    So yeah, sometimes the victim shares some of the blame. And there is nothing wrong with pointing that out either.
    Part of the reason for this site is to help others PREVENT this sort of stuff from happening to them, not just to bitch about how awful it is while screaming “Noooooo!” to the heavens from your knees. Unless we examine the things that facilitate the wrong as well as the wrong itself, people won’t learn how to prevent these sorts of things from happening.
    Let me put it another way – If you were transporting an envelope with $10,000 of your money – would you stop to pop in somewhere and leave the keys to your car in your unlocked vehicle?
    Duh. No.

  26. hapless says:

    @Skyeblue: Do not confuse “Best by” and “Sell by” dates. Those so destitute that they depend upon food banks have no business objecting to canned foods that happen to be past their prime.

  27. ltlbbynthn says:

    Milk and cheese can last forever after the sell by date. Cheese doesn’t even need to be refrigerated. Sometimes stuff goes bad, but food banks are dependent on grocery stores donating food they can no longer sell, and those stores are awesome for doing so. Two years expired seems really odd, but most of the time the food is perfectly safe, if not as fresh and tempting as we’d like it to be.

  28. Horses & Ponies & Donkeys says:

    “The driver of the Food Bank truck was at the Pizza Hut to pick up pizzas he would then distribute to families in need.”

    Aren’t there a million things more nutritious and just as cheap as PIZZA HUT? Are these programs really providing families with disgusting, greasy crap?

  29. Ncisfan says:

    @Horses & Ponies & Donkeys: It was a gesture of kindness to pick up a seemingly expensive meal (Pizza hut) that those who rely on food banks don’t often get…….as a special treat!