Find Your State Insurance Commissioner

When sending a complaint letter to an insurance company, it can be handy, or necessary, to cc it your state’s Insurance Commissioner. The Patient Advocate Foundation has a big list where you can look up insurance commissioner’s mailing addresses and phone numbers by state.

Insurance Commissioners are tasked with enforcing state insurance laws and investigating their breach. Sending a copy of your complaint to them, and making sure they’re listed as a CC on the letter to the insurance company, can help insurance companies take your letter more seriously.

Insurance Commissioners By State [Patient Advocate Foundation]


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  1. vanilla-fro says:

    This will also work with home owner, auto, auto liability, and general/commercial liability claims so long as there is a breach in the law or ethical issues.

  2. celyn says:

    For residents of Washington State, the Insurance Commissioner’s Office is extraordinarily consumer friendly. I once had an experince with my health insurer refusing to pay a claim. After 2 months of dinking around, I sent one simple letter to the Insurance Commissioner’s Office, CC’d to the insurance company. 24 hours after the letter was received, the insurance company called to say they were paying the claim right away. I’ve also had friends and co-workers report that the mere threat of contacting the WA State Insurance Commissioner’s has been enough to get their insurance companies to fix problems immediately.

  3. TravisL says:

    Washington State? Really? After I had a house fire, we considered complaining to the insurance commissioner about Farmer’s extensive delays and lowballing, but both my attorney and public adjuster said that it wouldn’t do any good: the state insurance commissioner is an elected position.

    Guess who are the only folks who make campaign donations to the insurance commissioner candidates? Insurance companies, of course.

  4. vanilla-fro says:

    @TravisL: A lawyer or a public adjuster may not want the commish involved as they most likley would have upped the estimate for repairs a lot to cover their 10+%. Anyway, you should have tried. The commisioner’s job is still to keep the consumer from getting screwed by the insurance companies. the only time it may not help is if you are complaining about a delay during a widespread disaster earthquake/hurricane where almost everybody around you would have a claim, you can’t expect super fast claims handling in those cases.

  5. LesterFantaztical says:

    I work for a state department of insurance. A much better resource for contacting state insurance departments is The NAIC is the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Consumers can be confident that the contact information on that site for state departments is up to date.

    More importantly, this page of the NAIC site allows the user to instantly connect to the web page for each insurance department.