T-Mobile Buys SunCom Wireless

If you’re one of the 1.1 million people who use SunCom Wireless, welcome to T-Mobile. According to the Wall Street Journal, T-Mobile purchased SunCom for $1.6 billion and will take over net debt of $800 million. In doing so, T-Mobile increases its subscriber base and its network capacity.

From the WSJ:

Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) said the deal will further its strategy of growing in the markets where it is already present. With almost 27 million customers, the U.S. mobile network market provides most of the company’s mobile network profits and is the only positive revenue source for Deutsche Telekom as a whole. The acquisition allows T-Mobile U.S. to increase its network coverage capacity by 15 million potential users to 259 million in 98 of the U.S.’s 100 most important regional markets, Deutsche Telekom said.

T-Mobile to Buy SunCom Wireless For $1.6 Billion and Debt


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  1. blue_duck says:

    Well, yay for that.

  2. natsirt says:

    Did anyone else read the Suncom logo as “Worthless” Wirless?

  3. Thud says:

    I think you have your tenses mixed. They seem to have agreed to a deal, but it hasn’t happened yet. Still need to wait for FCC and DOJ regulatory approvals. That generally takes like 6 months or so.

  4. blue_duck says:

    @Thud: Yay for that as well.

  5. GrantGannon says:

    SunCom is still around? I had this as my first wireless carrier in college back in 1999. There were two SunComs at the time…one at http://www.suncom.com and the other at http://www.suncom1.com.

    After three months I got my first overbill at $900. Calls originating from Gary, Ind. and places far away from little ole Oxford, Miss. I called to complain and was told that I should turn my phone off frequently and back on so that I get a local tower. Apparently (allegedly?) it was possible to lock on to towers hundreds of miles away.

    When I produced proof that I was actually in class in Mississippi at the time of the calls SunCom dropped the charges.

  6. krztov says:

    this also means t-mobile officially has coverage in the carolinas. before youd be roaming on suncom which isnt a big deal unless you use data.

  7. kingoftheroad40 says:

    Want to call there headquarters go to http://www.suncom.com/investor_relations/contact_us.shtml
    GOOD luck