Avoid Crazy Closing Fees

You can find yourself hit with all sorts of crazy fees at closing time, some of them unnecessary or overinflated, says Bankrate. But how do you know what’s reasonable? For a fee, natch, of $45 the National Mortgage Complaint Center (866-714-6466) will examine your fees and see if they’re too high or out of the ordinary. You can also see how your fees compare with state averages.

Many closing costs negotiable [Bankrate]
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  1. harshmellow says:

    We compared the fees on our re-fi with the closing costs on the actual purchase of our house, about six years prior. We found several fees in the re-fi that were obviously padded and got them reduced by pointing this out. One fee had gone up 200% from the first closing to the re-fi. So we contested that and a couple of others and got them reduced.