Verizon FiOs Install Results In Gas Line Breach

One Verizon FiOs install results in breached sewer pipe. Another, a breached gas line. There was no explosion, or even smoke. Some unpleasantly scented puffs of air, though. Guess they’re getting better. What do you expect to happen when you have guys drilling through stuff? Accidents, that’s what. Unfortunate and statistically insignificant accidents. It all comes out in the wash. Like blood. Blood comes out in the wash, right? Still, it’s almost like some of these guys have no idea what they’re doing. “It’s true QAM.” Yes, we have true qualms.

Fire, smoke, raw sewage, and, hey, do you smell gas? Yup, Verizon’s here. [NetworkWorld]
(Photo: JGNY)

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