Top Posts Of The Week

The World’s Worst Credit Card
“After all the fees have been collected, it has a credit limit of $53.”

How I Lost 14.6 Pounds Sitting In Front Of A Computer
“Something had to be done, and I was going to use what made me fat, computers and the internet, to help me do it.”

Walmart Tries To Steal Shopper’s Baby
“Your rentacop badge doesn’t make you God.”

Man Attempts To Return Walmart Ammunition At 1300 Feet Per Second
“…a man tried to return shotgun ammunition to his local Walmart. After he was refused he became enraged and told the employees he would be back to kill them all.”

Comcast Installs Cable With Extreme Incompetence
“They took apart one of our phone jacks in our office room for some reason and left it hanging.”