“My company was deliberately targeting minority people for a continuous loan process that they would never, ever get out of. ” – Bill Harrod, Former Payday Loan Manager. [NBC4]


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  1. pshah says:


  2. pshah says:

    sick ….

  3. chili_dog says:

    No really, they do that

  4. HOP says:

    these pay day loan clowns oughta be drawn and quarted

  5. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    What, now we’re suprised at things that go on with the government’s blessing? Look at banks and their fees for using ATM’s and Check 21, making sure the advantage stays with the ‘house.’
    As long as the people with the money make the laws, the laws will favor the people with the money.

  6. HeartBurnKid says:

    Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmbulance!

    I used one of these payday loan places once. ONCE. This was back when I didn’t have any credit cards, and a crap job that barely paid above minimum wage when they could actually find work for me at all, and I needed money in a hurry. I didn’t borrow more than I absolutely needed, and I paid it back immediately out of my next paycheck. The place was festooned with signs that said, essentially, “Payday loans are NOT a long-term debt solution”. In big, bold letters. The rep did try to tempt me into borrowing more than my immediate need, but I flat out told her no.

    Honestly, I did feel a little gypped having paid $25 to borrow $150 for 1 week, but hey, nobody forced me to do it. I needed money, and it was the most expedient solution. Similarly, nobody’s forcing all those poor, defenseless people to use payday loans as de-facto financing. They dug their own damn hole, let’s see ’em get out of it.

    We have real issues that affect innocent people who’ve done nothing to get themselves into a bad situation. You know, little things like our broken healthcare system. I’m more interested in fixing those problems than bailing out people who screwed things up for themselves in the first place by acting without thinking, like the banks that got stuck with bad home loans and the people who overextended themselves on payday loans. You made your bed; lie in it.

  7. goodguy812 says:

    different states have different laws on payday loan companies. check with your local government.

  8. Imagynne says:

    How interesting, Heartburnkid, that you can’t see the fairly obvious connection between things like our broken health care system and people who can’t afford to make it through the week without borrowing money from dodgy lenders with exhoribitant fees.

  9. atarisuicide says:

    I’m sorry, but anyone dumb enough to use one of these places as a long term solution (minority or not) deserves what’s coming to them.

  10. loueloui says:

    Okay, I’ll give you that nobody put a gun to these people’s heads and told them to get a payday loan. I’ll give you that. But there’s no way that you can convince me that nobody at these stores ever got taken in by a dishonest or immoral employee or an unfair company policy.

    Just think about it. On one hand you have the marketing, and legal resources of a billion dollar corporation like Citibank for instance, versus say a custodian, or some 19 year old kid flipping burgers. It’s not hard to see that it’s their game, and they set the rules.

    I can’t imagine that any of the people that accepted these loans had the intention of sinking themselves into crushing, inescapable debt. Therefore I can only assume that these people were unaware of the ramifications of their actions.

    I think that the solution for this issue to impose mandatory disclosures, and make certain that everyone obtaining these products fully understands the terms, and costs associated with them.