Great Moments In Commercial History: Rainier Beer

Reader Ian nominates these Rainier Beer commercials because they bring together “two great things that go great together: drinkin’ beer and ridin’ motorcycles,” because the Budweiser frogs were a ripoff, and because Rainier was “bizarre before bizarre became de rigueur.”

We actually like these ads. Maybe we should change the tag to “Goodvertising.” Nah.

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  1. stubblyhead says:

    ahh, good ol’ vitamin R.

  2. bedofnails says:

    The same Rainer beer that is brewed in California by Pabst.

  3. Saboth says:

    Strange, you don’t see too many beer commercials today with people driving around in cars and on motorcycles. Darn you M.A.D.D!

  4. @bedofnails: As someone who walks past the old brewery every day, it most definitely used to be brewed in Seattle.
    Tragedy now that it’s not. Pure TRAGEDY.

  5. Flackette Goes Retro says:

    Yay for drunk motorcycling!

  6. Granolaheadesq says:

    Any Oregonians around? I NEED a copy of the Lane Transit Bus “Take Another Ride on the LTD” song. It definitely would win a Gold Medal in this category.