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  • Dell printer cartridges promise about 9000 pages. Reader only gets 450. The fine print explains that the guarantee only applies if you’re only printing 5% of a page.
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    1. vladthepaler says:

      It’s not 5% of a page, it’s 5% coverage on a page. Say, a page worth of text. It should be obvious that if you’re covering 450 pages with solid black ink… wait, no, it shouldn’t. If you’re covering 450 pages with solid black ink, you’re an idiot, and nothing will be obvious to you. For instance it wouldn’t be obvious that you should just go buy some black paper.

    2. IanthePez says:

      The 5% is not some kind of scam. It is the industry standard for page yield. Every brand uses the same metric for this. This person just wasted their ink, and is mad at someone else about it.

    3. cde says:

      I thought 5% was an insanely low amount, until I saw this in the forum thread ([]) the ISO standard text page used for the 5%. At my job, we get about 10k pages with a CB400A ink tank for our HP printer, about that 5%. Personally, I print mostly 10%, considering a double spaced, monospaced font paper with .5 margins on all sides (College standard is double spaced, times new roman 12, 1inch margins on all sides, so 7%)

    4. cde says:

      By comparison, the Gigabyte vs Gigibyte thing is retarded and usurious. Everyone recognizes storage space as 1024^n (2base) like the computer displays it, not 1000^n (10base)like the manufactures advertise it. Until Apple and Microsoft change to the 10base, they should not be allowed to pull that off.

    5. Rusted says:

      Cheapest possible way to print is a black & white laser. Can’t even remember the last time the toner cartridge was replaced.