Attention: Starbucks Is Officially A Family Destination

According to an article in MSNMoney, Starbucks has admited that it’s a family destination and, while it won’t be marketing to children directly, it is exploring how to add more kid and teen friendly items to its menu—without causing health advocates to freak out.

Starbucks spokesman Brandon Borrman said there are still no plans to market specifically to children, and grown-ups need not worry that the Cartoon Network will be playing on the flat-panel screen of their neighborhood Starbucks anytime soon.

But Borrman said Seattle-based Starbucks is considering whether to add new drinks or drink sizes that better meet the needs of kids or teens.

“We need to be realistic about who comes into our stores, so if we have children who are coming into our stores that are on their own, we want to make sure that we have products that are appropriate to that age group,” Borrman said. “Do we have an alternative to a venti-size caffeinated beverage that would be more appropriate?”

Borrman said the company also now recognizes that it is a family destination. That means you might see an ad for the company that features a family — although you wouldn’t likely see a Starbucks ad with a child on his or her own.

“What we want to do is recognize the fact that there are people who are under the age of 18 who come into our stores,” he said.

The story also features a quote from the mother of a 4-year-old who “been a regular Starbucks customer since “he could hold a cup,” his mother says. Now when he passes a Starbucks he says, “I want to buy this tea.”

The kid gets a Chai latte twice a month. A 4-year-old that drinks tea should wear a suit and monocle, don’t you think?

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