Instruction Manual? Check. Battery? Check. Cords? Check. Camera? Whoops!

I purchased a camera from Target the day before my vacation. Later that night I opened the box and there was no camera! Everything else was in there the owner manual, battery, cords, etc. but no camera! I called Target customer service and they said to bring the box back.

When I get there the manager said there is absolutely no way they can exchange for another one or give me my money back. She not only accused me of being a liar but also a criminal and made sure that security escorted me out of the store! She thought I was trying to scam them! Mind you I have my own business and purchased the camera on a Platinum Business American Express card.

I tried for months now to dispute this with both Target and American Express and both have denied giving me another camera or my money back. Target’s dispute is that I should of known by how heavy the box felt there was not a camera in there before I left the store. Please!!!! Come on! Like I said, everything else was in the box except the actual camera so the box still felt heavy!

I am writing this to warn people to look in the box before you purchase anything at Target. Once you leave the store you are screwed if you don’t.

If you haven’t already, let Target’s corporate office know about your problem. Call (612) 304-6073 and ask for Robert Ulrich’s office. If escalating fails to achieve results, head to small claims court. Read through our helpful guide before filing your claim.

(Photo: Morgantepsic)

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