DHL: Our Drivers Went Home For The Night, But We'll Deliver Your Package Anyway

Kyle expected DHL to deliver his package by 3pm. When DHL failed to show, Kyle called to ask for an explanation. Without any argument, DHL refunded Kyle’s full shipping costs and promised to track down his package.

Well on rolls 4:30 and I don’t have a call yet, at this point I am a tad frustrated. I call them back and tell them what is going on. The customer service representative is very understanding and calls the local office. Normally a company would put you on hold and get back to you with an answer. I was very surprised when he 3-way called the local office and told them what was going on. I was told that the truck had broken down. They said they were trying to get the packages loaded on another truck to continue delivery. Well it was getting late in the day so I prepared to have to wait until monday for my package.

I received a call around 5 from another representative, they told me that the drivers are gone for the night, I saw this one coming. Here is were the real shock comes in, they said the driver would personally deliver my package on his way home. About 45 minutes later the DHL driver in his personal car arrived in my driveway, gave my dog a graham cracker (go figure) and delivered my package. He was very apologetic even though he had no control over a broken down truck. To be honest I thought he would be very upset that his boss made him come out on his way home and give me my package but he seemed very happy to be able to do it, it felt like it might of even been his idea.

DHL didn’t make Kyle spend hours on hold, and each representative – down to the driver, made it their priority to solve Kyle’s problem – even after they refunded his shipping charges. That is customer service done right.

DHL Goes Way Beyond Customer Service [Dragon Forged]
(Photo: didbygraham)