Zen Habits has 72 ways to simplify your life. Chances are good that your life is too complicated and it’s probably costing you money one way or another. Simplify and be happier. [Zen Habits]


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  1. Flackette Goes Retro says:

    I would be SO stressed out if I tried to follow that list. A little chaos in my life is healing to me, a reminder that I’m not in control so I shouldn’t worry about things.The stack of old magazines, the misplaced socks, driving a car I like a lot even if it isn’t strictly speaking the smartest economic choice, and blowing off housework to just enjoy life – that’s what makes my days worth living.

  2. rmz says:

    Instead, focus on one system at a time (your laundry system, your errands system, your paperwork system, your email system, etc.) and try to make it simplified, efficient, and written. Then stick to it.


    “rmz’s Laundry System Design Document #1 Revision 3

    Half a cup of detergent, whites first, then colors, on cold. Let sit for 5 minutes, then dry on low with the buzzer turned OFF. Place clothes in blue basket when done. Hang up immediately. Empty lint traps after each use.”

    Yeah, that 72-point list sounds like it’d be a great way to take the stress and micromanagement out of life.

  3. BStu says:

    I have to do 72 things to simplify my life?

  4. yosarian says:

    I don’t think I can even read the list. 72 of anything just doesn’t seem zen to me!

  5. HungryGrrl says:

    Simplifying is scary, hm?

  6. mammalpants says:

    wow. i just found the link to the story hidden in the paragraph after searching for 5 minutes. apparently, usability isnt something that would make my life easier.