Rite Aid Selling Smoke Machine Fuel Containing Antifreeze

Rite Aid is selling antifreeze-laced fog juice, the substance that is atomized and turned into a gas by smoke machines, isn’t terribly concerned, reports reader Jennifer.

Instructions available on making your own smoke machine fuel specifically forbid using ethylene glycol, as it is a deadly poison. You remember your mother teaching you how it’s bad to turn a poisonous liquid into a gas, right?

The distributor, Harry at First Imperial Trading Company, told Jennifer that ethylene glycol was a “harmless food additive.” (He somehow must have it confused with propylene glycol…)

When Jennifer contacted the CPSC, they referred it to Rite Aid, who referred it back to the manufacturer. The local Rite Aid, however, did agree to take the bottles off the shelves, but what of the 5,000 other Rite Aids?fogbig.jpg

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