Letter To Steve Jobs: One Apple Obsessed Fan Becomes "Disenchanted" After iPhone Price Chop

Reader M is obsessed with Apple.

In fact, he may be the most obsessed Apple fan who has ever bothered to to complain to us.

M buys every single iPod they release. He even owns stock.

Now he’s feeling “disenchanted” with Apple over their recent “too-soon” price chop of the iPhone.

M writes to Steve Jobs:

Subject: Disenchanted Shareholder

Dear Mr. Jobs,

So that this message might have some meaning to you other than the ramblings of a disenchanted fanboy, allow me to introduce myself. My name is M [redacted]. I’m a [redacted].

For as long as I can remember, I have loved Apple products. I pushed my dad to make our first family computer a Performa 575 back when it was the first computer I played Oregon Trail on at school. I continued this trend pushing my (otherwise PC) family towards the (original G3) iMac, Powerbook G4, Macbook Pro, Apple TV, Airport Express, every iPod you have put out, and the iPhone.

When you released the iPhone I was one of those pathetic fanboys seen in pictures around the country depicting the spell you had cast over my generation. I paid $600 for the 8 GB iPhone without complaint, just as I had for every iPod you have put out since the first generation.

I own (and currently use) a Macbook Pro, an iPod Video (80 GB), a 2G iPod Nano (8 GB), and a 2G iPod Shuffle, two Airport Expresses, and an 8 GB iPhone; and through my family am an Apple shareholder.

My complaint is simply that you have dropped the price on the iPhone without recourse to the Apple faithful. I’m not hurting for the two hundred dollar price drop at all, let me be clear. However I cannot help but feel ripped off that in an unprecedented move as far as I can remember, you have lowered the price of a product of yours within 90 days of introducing it.

The business behind your idea is quite clear, and makes sense I admit. Introduce a product with a higher price and let those who will buy it at that price do so, and then decrease the price after you have saturated demand at the higher price. Despite the good business behind it, even as an owner of Apple stock I am still offended, and disappointed with your decision at the lack of integrity, and penny-pinching which this reflects on you and your company.

Decreasing the price of the 8 GB iPhone without offering some sort of refund or even Apple store credit to the faithful who rushed out to support your product and made it the sensation that it has become is a disservice to your followers; and leaves this fanboy for one not only feeling taken advantage of, but also at least a little less enchanted with you and your company.

I hope that you will take steps to make this right by your loyal followers who feel that they have been taken for fools.


Apple certainly seems to have hurt some feelings with this price chop. At the end of the day, however, early adopters take these sorts of risks, which is why we try to warn against being the first kid on the block to have the newest thing. It makes us seem like boring jerks, but it’s still good advice.

We recommend that M try to get his money back using these 5 awesome techniques…. Sadly, because he bought his iPhone months ago, his best bet is to check to see if his credit card has some sort of price guarantee.

In related news, CNNMoney is reporting that investors didn’t like the price cut either, despite the fact that it resulted in a much more reasonably priced phone:

Apple stock dropped more than 5 percent after the price cut was announced Wednesday, closing at $136.76, down $7.40. In extended trading, the share price fell another $1.01.

So much drama in the world.

UPDATE: Steve Jobs Responds: $100 store credit for angry iPhone early adopters.

Early adopters sour over iPhone price cut [CNNMoney]

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