Hayes Company “Avant Yarde” Decorative Glaze Outdoor Candles (fire, burn), Melanocorp Melanotan II (pretending their drug is FDA approved, when it’s not).


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  1. ry81984 says:

    This is awesome for Iphone customers, but unethical at the same time. Being unethical goes both ways, this is just like if Apple came back 1 month later and said if you want to keep using your phone you will have to pay another $100.

    Just like Jobs says in the letter, if you want it first you will pay more and if want it cheaper then don’t buy it first.

    The Apple customers who complained about the price drop are bad customers and Apple should not cater to these people. Apple already knows that those stupid people will pay $600 for a junk phone when they could buy a better blackberry for $300 to $400.

    I hope the $100 dollar credit only applies if you buy at least $200 in merchandise. That way Apple gets more of these asshole customers’ money.

  2. ry81984 says:

    Opps, wrong topic.

  3. mopar_man says:


    How does one go about screwing up where they put their comments?

    As for the recall, who would’ve thought a CANDLE would cause burns and fire?

  4. Jasmo says:

    The scary thing here is that apparently people actually bought this shit.

  5. Recury says:

    “Avant yarde.” I love it.