FDA Halts Sale Of Libido-Increasing Injectable Tanning Drug

The FDA has warned Melanocorp, Inc., of Tennessee to stop its online sales of Melanotan II, an injectable tanning product that the company claims is “effective in protecting against skin cancer and rosacea.” According to the FDA, such claims cause it to be “classified as a drug under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as well as a new drug because there is no evidence that it is generally recognized as safe and effective for its labeled uses.”

Melanotan II and its precursor, Melanotan, were developed by the University of Arizona in the 90s as a possible way to prevent sun cancer, by triggering the sort of protective tan that otherwise takes weeks of steady UV exposure to generate. Side effect include increased arousal—in one study, it caused erections in 80% of participants—and reduced appetite, which is why the media promptly dubbed it the “Barbie Pill.”

As of this afternoon, Melanocorp.com is serving up a blank page.

“FDA warns Melanocorp for illegal sale of Melanotan II” [News-Medical.net]
(Photo: Getty)

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