Delta Partner "Atlantic Southeast Airlines" On-Time Only 54.2% Of The Time

US Airways managed to hold on to something as the floor dropped out of a few other airlines’ on-time percentages… so let us introduce our new punching bag: Atlantic Southeast Airlines!

Atlantic Southeast is part of Delta and operates regional flights with ATL as its hub. And it’s not on time that often.

During the month of July ASA was dead last with only 54.2% of flights arriving on-time. Other airlines hanging around the bottom of the list were: Comair with 62.4%, American Airlines with 63.4%, and American Eagle with 65.1%.

July was the second month of trouble for ASA. As recently as May, ASA’s on-time percentage was near the middle of the pack at 78.8%. We’d love to blame the whole thing on the drunk stewardess, but we’re thinking there might be deeper problems going on here.

The news only gets worse: Not only do you not want to fly with this airline if you value arriving on time, you can’t trust them with your suitcases either. ASA lead the pack in mishandled baggage reports with 15.45 mishandled bags for every 1,000 passengers.

ASA is also near the top of the list for most complaints per passenger served… but the top honor of “most complained about” still belongs to good old US Airways. Some things never change.

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(Photo:Franco Folini)

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