Delta Partner "Atlantic Southeast Airlines" On-Time Only 54.2% Of The Time

US Airways managed to hold on to something as the floor dropped out of a few other airlines’ on-time percentages… so let us introduce our new punching bag: Atlantic Southeast Airlines!

Atlantic Southeast is part of Delta and operates regional flights with ATL as its hub. And it’s not on time that often.

During the month of July ASA was dead last with only 54.2% of flights arriving on-time. Other airlines hanging around the bottom of the list were: Comair with 62.4%, American Airlines with 63.4%, and American Eagle with 65.1%.

July was the second month of trouble for ASA. As recently as May, ASA’s on-time percentage was near the middle of the pack at 78.8%. We’d love to blame the whole thing on the drunk stewardess, but we’re thinking there might be deeper problems going on here.

The news only gets worse: Not only do you not want to fly with this airline if you value arriving on time, you can’t trust them with your suitcases either. ASA lead the pack in mishandled baggage reports with 15.45 mishandled bags for every 1,000 passengers.

ASA is also near the top of the list for most complaints per passenger served… but the top honor of “most complained about” still belongs to good old US Airways. Some things never change.

Air Travel Consumer Report [DOT]
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  1. joeblevins says:

    Fly with carry-on when possible as a business traveler. The tourists might bitch some. But if you fly frequently for business, you will have misplaced baggage.

    With Carry-on, it makes it much easier to move to another flight without consideration of luggage.

    When on an ASA flight, you can plane side check your carry-on (all but Laptop) and can pick it up immediatly when you disembark.

  2. Flibbetigibbet says:

    As I’ve posted before, the scorn heaped upon Absolutely S#!tty Airlines is richly deserved. They’re the worst of the worst, from the pathological liar gate agents to the always-late crews to the kleptomaniac baggage handlers. ASA sucks worse than anything that has ever sucked before.

  3. B says:

    So are they the Sex Panther of airlines? 54.2% of the time, it works every time.

  4. joeblevins says:

    Just to Clarify, I have had horrible issues with all of the Airlines afiliated with Delta, including ASA and ComAir. Real crap fest.

    Hell, I remember when the dirtbag unions decided to strike and strand passengers all over. Great way to endear the hearts of America to your cause.

    The Company and the employees suck at these airlines.

  5. Cowboys_fan says:

    Shouldn’t the headline read more like; “Even the worst airline is still on time 54.2% of the time”!?

  6. awall25 says:

    ASA is the worst. I have flown them probably about 75% of the time I have flown and I have been on time just once.

    They also made me miss a flight to Hawaii for my honeymoon. So, instead of sipping Mai Tai’s on the beach, me and my wife spent the night at a Laquinta Inn near LAX.

  7. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    The most amazing number to me here is American Airlines in the bottom 4. The other 3 (American Eagle, ASA, Comair) are all regional operators with small jets that are always late. That number for American Airlines is far worse than the other three when put in perspective, in my opinion.

  8. Pinget says:

    ASA is the only airline servicing the airport in my little town. So I and many others do not fly out of this little town. We drive 2-4 hours to another airport. Rep. Terry Everett said a while back that he was trying to get something done about ASA. I’m sure they’ve screwed him over many times flying in and out of his district.

  9. DeeJayQueue says:

    I just flew Delta/Comair to and from Atlanta over the holiday weekend.

    I didn’t check a bag, I had my partner drive it down with him. All I had was my messenger bag which had socks and underwear and toiletries, phone, ipod, chargers, etc.

    I had not one problem the entire time.

    I had full-sized deodorant and hair gel in my plastic zip-lock bag (which really aside from being a TSA rule is just a good idea since then you dont’ have to worry about your goop getting all over your clothes) and a leatherman on my keychain, neither of which were taken or rooted through. I got through screening with an hour to spare both times. My flights were both on-time taking off and landing.

    It may have had a lot to do with my choice of times, since my PHL-ATL flight was at 6:15am and my return flight was at 9:55pm.

    My only real complaints were on the return flight. The plane was the Honda Fit of the skies. It was tiny, uncomfortable and cramped. An old couple were bringing about 50 small wooden boxes tied together with twine on board as carry-on, which took up about half the available space on the plane, and then they had a fit when the attendant told them they might have to put some of it below. There were a couple of kids with Cellos, but they paid for an extra seat for it.

    I have to say, I had a pretty decent experience compared to all the horror stories I read about daily, either here at the consumerist or on some other blog or news site. I was very worried that I’d have a horrible time and be all stressed out but it went as close to clockwork as such an operation can.

  10. Josh R. says:

    I had a decent experience with ASA recently, except for when the stewardess told us the seats on the left side of the plane didn’t have extra oxygen masks for babies… literally one minute after the baby fell asleep.


    Seriously, though, I’ve been on worse flights and worse airlines. My recent flight to Florida on AirTran was much worse than that.

  11. jwestfall says:

    I can’t attest for ASA’s tardiness but I can attest to the sheer rudeness of their attendants and gate attendants. Since my mother joined ASA in ’95, the personnel are to treat all members of employee families with utmost respect, and vice versa, since we’ve got specific rules to follow as to how we’re to report any misconduct (we can report them to their direct supervisor for rather derisive punishment since we are treated as employees of the company).

    Since Delta purchased ASA back in the late 90s, Delta’s penchant for hating its customers spilled over to ASA. Since 1999 or so, I cannot recall one time at which I wasn’t disrespected or reprimanded by a steward while flying ASA and only two of those times was I actually “not following company guidelines” as far as I was informed, though supporting evidence in the employee handbook and guidelines was never produced nor found.

    One gate attendant for ASA — shuffled in from another Delta gate — nearly denied me flight privileges because I happened to have earrings. Now, this was 7 years after I’d gotten my ears pierced and had flown about 3 dozen times and was the first time I’d ever heard about this. The same attendant made some rather snide and racist comments to my girlfriend and thought nothing of it. Because of this attendant my mother got suspended from work, only to have it reversed and the attendant fired upon further investigation.

    Since then, I’ve shirked the $60-$90/flight ticket cost and instead chosen to pay full price for tickets because Delta has some kind of unwritten policy of being extremely rude to anyone associated with ASA.

  12. B says:

    @Cowboys_fan: Sure, if you think 54.2% is a good percentage. I know if I was on time for work 54.2% of the time, I’d be looking for a new job.

  13. joeblevins says:

    Reminds me of the SNL skit about the dating service ‘Lowered Expectations’

  14. alice_bunnie says:

    YAY! I’m flying ASA tomorrow to Vermont. :/

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am a frequent business traveler and had the worst airline experience in my life today on a Delta flight. Aside from the flight being nearly 3 hours delayed and my luggage sitting outside in the pouring rain for three hours, the flight attendant was the most unprofessional attendant I’ve ever encountered.

    As she was performing the seat belt check, she said to me, “fasten your seatbelt”. I replied, “it is”. She said, “I need to see it” and made me pull up my shirt so she could see the seatbelt fastened. I was embarrased and humiliated as the passengers sitting near me saw my bared stomach.

    To top it off, there was a large woman sitting two rows ahead of me with her seat belt tucked between her thigh and stomach – unfastened! She had a black shawl covering her lap and the flight attendant, despite the fact that she “needed to see it” (fastened) – never asked the woman to show her her seatbelt.

    When I called Delta Customer “Care” to share my experience – the rotten treatment just continued…

  16. Spooty says:

    Ah, I’d never heard of the Lowered Expectations skits. They seem to be from MAD TV, not Saturday Night Live. YouTube has a couple videos of them.